A warrior in the concentrating state can easily enter the world of Hong Yuntian,But want to come out,It’s very troublesome,One is because of restrictions,The second is because the first batch of warriors in the concentrating spirit realm in Hong Yuntian have almost died in these years.,Not many people can enter this place,So the number of warriors in the concentrating state is now stable at a juncture of no more, no less。

These guys have more or less power in this bottom world,And some of the fellow’s apprentices were taken away from this world,So in order to protect my family or interests in this world,All the warriors of the concentrating state,Not able to go out at will!
As long as these guys can’t come out, it’s easy,There are a lot of people in that guy’s sect who ask the gods,But really have to count,This guy’s strength in the gods is already at its peak,So it doesn’t matter how many people ask the gods to come down,I can handle it!
“correct,Green Pheasant!”
Xia Chenglong turned his gaze to the green pheasant who was in a daze.,This guy used to be the patron saint of a big sect,This guy has lived for countless years,If you do so,In fact, when this guy just entered that sect,The strength is at an average level?
“What do you say。”
Green Pheasant scratched his head,I didn’t expect this guy’s combat effectiveness to be so exaggerated,This guy is still thinking about what Xia Chenglong looked like when he was fighting with the old man Huomu,I want to understand something from it。
“In the sect where you were before,Have you ever recorded anything like Hong Yuntian??Or the big world?”
The green pheasant scratched his head,This guy is indeed a guy from that era,But actually for this kind of thing,I really don’t know much,After all, I was in that era,It’s just a guardian,Just after the aura dissipated,Only when his wicked name began to show。
“I have heard of something,Things in the Trial Land,Seems to be a place beyond this world,Maybe it’s the same thing as Hong Yuntian,But for Hong Yuntian,I really didn’t understand!”
Seeing the blue pheasant look confused,This guy will definitely not lie,In other words,This guy doesn’t know what Hong Yuntian is。
“These memories are imperfect,It might be somewhere long ago,Later, it was occupied after the aura dissipated,Change it to this name!”
Xia Chenglong nodded,After all, there have been so many things in the past and present by chance,In fact, many things are not so smooth,It is reasonable to occasionally have some information that is not right,After all, I am not an archaeologist。
“We are almost leaving after this time!”
Xia Chenglong nodded,Now the matter of forging the sword city should basically be over,After those guys destroy the city,Rebuild Sword City,Restore this place to operation,I don’t have to stare at everything。
“I go to heal first,You help me stare at this place,I guess,Not long,Those guys who hide every day,Will come one by one!”
Xia Chenglong asked the green pheasant,Those hidden in the dark,The guys who are in this bottom world beyond asking the gods will definitely not ignore this matter.!