Jieshi continues,but,Not many people pay attention to this material,Only people like Lao Wang with half a bucket of water,To pick up such a thing。

That piece of wool looks pretty good,Yin,And Songhua。But in fact,That is a bottle of poison,Look bright,Actually poisonous。Although not expensive,Undead,But it’s disgusting。
Xin Zhao couldn’t help shaking his head,This kind of goods,He is absolutely too lazy to pick it up。His level is average,You can see that the material is bad。
The master sculpting the stone wiped off the stone,But after a while,Still can’t see green,then,Look up at Pharaoh,Waiting for his instructions,Anyway, the stone is his,How to let him guide,Don’t care if it breaks。
To know,This guy not long ago,Also said he can’t cut。
Lao Wang’s face is a bit ugly,Whispered:“I said just now,Rub Songhua,Have to wipe something,Who knows if that counts?”
Although muttering,But everyone heard。
have to say,Such people,Put the blame on others,It’s really annoying,Anyway, Populus can’t like it。
“Pharaoh!”Middle-aged man with glasses frowns,Almost didn’t rebuke。
The master of Jie Shi doesn’t look good,Just now,He just kindly reminded,Didn’t say wipe here,You will be able to wipe out the jade!
Professionalism still calms him down,Ask blankly:“Next,Are you going to wipe Songhua??”
Old man Wang protects his employees,Can’t help but say:“or,Let you come in person?”
he thinks,There is no need to do this man’s business in the future。
Pharaoh just calmed down,Glared at the master of calcite,Nodded:“Rub Songhua,Be careful,Don’t wipe the jade inside。”
Populus feels funny,Although there are jade in it,But the texture is very poor,And scattered,I can’t even make a brooch,Basically worthless。
Master Jie Shi finds Songhua,Just start working,Don’t let this person pick a problem。
however,Wiped it for about two minutes,A large layer has been wiped away,I didn’t see anything。
“Keep rubbing?”He couldn’t help asking。