The fall of the drunk drew more than just Mo Mo chuckles,And the unbridled laughter of his companions。

“I said you can’t drink it anymore,Don’t admit it!”
A drunk pointed at the man who fell on the ground and cursed.,Then I took the opportunity to reach out to Mo Mo。
The palm has not touched Mo Mo’s body,But that person’s face already showed an expression of enjoyment。
But soon,The smile on that man’s face was replaced by another distorted expression。
Because Mo Mo is in full view,I caught his fingers with a pair of chopsticks,It’s nothing great,It’s just that Mo Mo broke the drunk man’s finger with his chopsticks,This is breathtaking。
All witnesses saw that after silently holding the finger of the drunk with chopsticks,There are clearly visible deformations in his fingers。
Accompanied by the whispers of people around,The drunk also sobered up a lot,Picking up the wine bottle at the next table and going to smash Momo。
The woman in front of you is beautiful,But I don’t have a chance to kiss Fangze today,Then there is no need for others to have this opportunity in the future!
That drunk thought well,It’s just that the bottle in his hand failed to hit Momo’s head as he wished.。
The unbearable sun will rise directly,Punched the drunk man in the face,The nose turned blue in an instant。
After the blessing of wine,The courage of a few men is indeed much greater,But their poor sensitivity is not even a little bit。