But others can’t do it,Doesn’t mean the boss can’t do it!I didn’t see the boss using the local method to make steel,Did you come up with such a sharp weapon??

The soldiers of the Guards were fighting high,When the face is full of joy and colorless,A group of true top powerhouses,But I saw something wrong。
Liu Niu’er was the first to find that the situation was wrong,His eyesight is always excellent,Lu Menglin only appeared on the battlefield,He immediately prepared to bring Wei Xiaoxing and He Bu close to him。
According to past experience,Stay with the boss,Definitely the safest。Because no one knows how many hole cards the boss has,No matter how difficult the opponent is,The boss should be able to handle it。
Only this time,After Liu Niu’er took another look,Suddenly stopped with a horrified face。
Because he found,The boss doesn’t seem to be bringing reinforcements,It’s like being chased by the opponent!
And those weird guys with bald heads,The way of movement is very strange,And it’s tough,Every electric light comes out,They all seem to be directed at the boss,Just get out of the way by the boss,The skeleton soldiers all around have suffered。
At this moment,Lu Menglin didn’t bother to shout,Send a message directly to everyone on the guard side with mental power。
“All,Access channel!Retreat all!”Lu Menglin doesn’t care how many people can receive this spiritual power,But he knows very well,Kasuga Mingzi and Mao Yongfei, two alchemy martial artists, are sure to receive,There are also some mental power mutants,Should be able to receive。
really,After Lu Menglin delivered the news,The complexion of Kasuga Mingzi and Mao Yongfei changed slightly at the same time。
The two great alchemy martial artists looked at each other in the same way,Both saw the same doubt in the eyes of the other party。
“Miss Mingzi,Is this the boss’s order??”Mao Yongfei asked uncertainly。
Because he has never received Lu Menglin’s spiritual transmission,It shows that the situation is so urgent that it cannot be added,Lu Menglin didn’t even have time to shout,To use such a secret way。
Kasuga Hakoko nodded,She is a master of spiritual power,Of course I can tell,The spiritual power transmission just now,It’s definitely Brother Lu, no doubt。
The two cast their eyes into the distance,Sure enough, I saw Lu Menglin rushing all the way in the skeleton camp,A bunch of things that don’t know if it’s a zombie or a skeleton followed,And from time to time it emits that terrible electric light,Every blow will sweep down a large block of skeleton soldiers。
It looks like,This is Boss Lu being hunted down!Every step is dangerous!
This time,Shouldn’t you go up and help??There was a look of determination in both eyes。
Although I know that the skeletons outside the defense circle are in danger,A little carelessness will lead to destruction,After all, no one is Lu Menglin,Able to be like him,Dancing on the tip of a knife,But whether it is Kasuga Hako,Still risking Yongfei,The two are Alchemy Warriors,All have fearless courage,And they know,Lu Menglin for the guards,Even for the entire human world,How important is it!