After turning to the empty Persian Gulf promenade,Michelle kept turning the throttle,And sit down on this KawasakiZZR 1100After roaring loudly,Speed only300Walk away。

To know,90KawasakiZZR 1100To exceed300Speed,Reelected5Year world“King of speed”title,At that time, it killed all supercars,evenF1The invincible existence of racing。
First experience that“King of speed”Speed,Tension from the beginning、Fear afterwards,To the later stimulation,Until the end became crazy。
Qiao Tianyu roared heartily、Release、Roaring,Will be depressed for a long time、dissatisfied、All the grievances were thrown into the Persian Gulf.
First0214chapter Mayflies can also shake big trees
After returning to the hotel,Take advantage of Michelle’s parking space,Qiao Tianyu ran back to the room,I quickly replaced the outfit just now。
“okay,What to change,Do you think i didn’t see it?So big!”Michelle on the park,Looking at Qiao Tianyu with a smirk,“how about it,Cool?”
“Cool.”Qiao Tianyu looked at Michelle with embarrassment,“What do you say?”
“I say a drive!”Michelle said with a smirk,“Hee hee,okay,Go secretly in the evening!Talk business,Did you meet the Rothschild family just now??”
“you.How did you know?”Qiao Tianyu was stunned。
It is said that Qiao Dahua once boasted to Qiao Tianyu,How many meters underground is the headquarters of the Fuxing Society?,How high the defense level is,What military fortification standards, etc.,It’s just one piece of iron!
But it’s just one piece of iron,How did Michelle learn about these things??
“Haha,Is it hard?”Michelle smiled,“As long as the KGB wants,CIA headquarters can also enter!”