“Ok,I will discuss this direction with Lao Gu ASAP。”

“it is good。”
“Hey,and many more。”The instructor obviously has something,“tell me,how did you do it?”
“One night time,The big guys are like having amnesia,No one remembers going to Wuming Mountain,I have never seen the so-called underground palace,The soldiers stationed on the periphery of Wuming Mountain are even more exaggerated,I don’t know why I ran so far to station,It must be your kid。”
“Minimize the impact。”Where does Li Tianzhi have a suitable vocabulary explanation,The soul of the unicorn beast is very mysterious,Even he can’t understand。
“Don’t say it,But you are very thoughtful。”Instructor approves,No longer entangled,But change the front,“But girl Shen said he saw you。”
“what?”This time it’s Li Tianzhen’s turn to be surprised,Secretly scold the unicorn beast for joking。
“Said I saw you riding a big black lion。”
Li Tianzhen’s face is green。
“No kidding,She asked me about you this afternoon。”The instructor tried his best to smile,“All right,Stop talking,Report a message,Because it’s related to you。”
“You said。”
“Two days ago,That’s the day the underground palace collapsed,The same collapse occurred in a place thousands of miles away,A temple that has existed for more than a thousand years has also fallen underground as a whole,The local official report is an earthquake,But according to reliable sources,Not that simple。”
“Thousands of miles away?Where did the reliable news come from?”
“Mount Dara on the border between northern Bangladesh and India,‘Pigeon’Sent to me,Because he has been confirming,So it’s two days late。”
“‘Pigeon’?”Li Tianzhi’s heart shocked,The other side ran so far,Just to find someone who has been missing for a long time‘Mane rat’,and‘Mane rat’Lost contact abroad,It was to track down Xiao Song who was kidnapped,He didn’t know this,The instructor never mentioned it,But the night when Wuming Mountain collapsed,Hu Dehai quietly told him about it outside the tent,The purpose is naturally to let Li Tianzhi remind the instructor from his perspective,Can’t ignore the missing brothers,It seems that Hu Dehai has faintly dissatisfied with the practice of instructors,of course,Subconscious words,I may also hope that Li Tianzhi can return‘Ranger’。