Factual prove,Invitation of the moon to control,More than Chu Dee,More energetic。

When it is not tolely,I found that Chu deer did not resist,so……Request a few parties,Let him hurt the imagination!
And invite the month to look,It is also unlikely like an internal force.,From the beginning to the end, the wind is light。
Heard this name,Xuan Ming two old、The bitterness of all the winds and light clouds can’t get up.!
Xuan Ming two old alert looks at her,I can’t help but leave three steps.,Even Zhao Min County has also taken care of。
However, the moon is still staring at Chu Deirers.,I don’t pay attention to the meaning of others——Injuried?I have to answer the injury,Otherwise come back!
Chu Deirers deeply inexplicable——Don’t let me call the name?This……I didn’t want to be good.,What love is!
And it is clear that you are secretly loved.,Why do I have to call your favorite??Don’t you intimate enough??Calculate me and you、Haven’t hooked with the pity and so?
Is this the troubles of Yu Langjiang??
The higher the color value、The greater the responsibility?
Chu Debans moved the mouth,Still don’t know what to call,At this time, I suddenly thought of,Pity star and speaking,Her sister not only is secretly,Still want……Both themselves and her?
Could not……
“elder sister?”Chu Deirers tested。
“very good、very good!”Inviting the moon, a few short-transparent skin,Eye-catching jade。
Xuan Ming two old laminated the Chu Deirers……
Don’t say that it is Xuan Ming two old.,Even Zhao Min was shocked at this time.——Hear“Moon”Two words,I don’t even want to hide.,After all, this old woman is not good.……You still dare to dare to slip?
Chu Tai,I smringed you.!
Chu Dee people feel murderous……
Suddenly in my heart,I also complained that I have——Hey!How can I say this??People must fulfill me and my sister,I am calling my sister.?This is not hurting the heart of the moon?
“Moon……First find a pity star。”Chu Deirers have changed back。
Zhao Min:!!!
Zhao Min saw,Inviting the moon, really seriously,Look at yourself,Suddenly:“White girl……It turned out to be the main star!she……Indeed, I am saving.。”But didn’t say it?。
Chu Deiren brows a little wrinkled:“You just encounter the old monster?Before you want Xuan Ming, I’m don’t want to pay for it.?”
Although it is martial arts,That old monster,“Hand in hand”Can’t implement it at all,Even when I am crazy,but……If you really don’t have a relationship?,Zhao Min should not say this.?
Zhao Min suddenly felt,A chill from the bottom of the heart,This chill seems to be cold in the internal organs.,Even the idea must be frozen。
“In short……Pity House owner……Have been……Rescue……safe place……”Zhao Min faces a layer of white cream,Have already,Remain“Hard”。
Although I stressed my saved pity,But where didn’t spit the pity?!
Chu Deiren looked at the direction of bitter gyne,I found that he nodded.、I shaken my head again.,Suddenly understand Zhao Min at least not lying,only……Reserved。
“County,As a temporary ally,I advise you,Now put the pity star,I am not in the moon.。”Chu Deirers said at Zhao Min at this time.。
Chu Deer estimation……
Very likely the old monster,It is also recruited by the Fuyang Wangfu,So Zhao Min can“save”Under the pity star。
But this old monster’s madness,I don’t divide the enemy,Thus,Zhao Min said what“Don’t be in your hand”Make a successful。
And the reason why there is no pity……