The Ministry of National Defense statement: Taiwan issues are China’s internal affairs, which is not allowed to interfere

People’s Network Beijing May 20 (Reporter Huang Zijuan) May 20 Taiwan is an indivisible part of China.

The US acts seriously violated a Chinese principle and the three joint communiqués of China, severely interfere in China’s internal affairs, seriously harms the development of two military relations between China and the United States, seriously damaging the peace and stability of the Taiwan Sea, is extremely wrong and very dangerous. The Taiwan issue is China’s internal affairs, which is related to the core interests of China and 14 billion Chinese people’s national feelings, which is not allowed to interfere.

We resolutely oppose any country to conduct any form of official exchanges and military contacts in Taiwan. We will never allow anyone, any organization, any political parties, at any time, in any form, split any Chinese territory from China! The 洋 重 重 重 重 出, 台 制 制 制 华 制 制 制 华 华 华 华"Taiwan independence" splitting power and its active ambiguity will be nailed to the shame of history.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has a strong will, full confidence, enough ability to defeat any form of external forces and "Taiwan independence" splitting map, will adopt all necessary measures to firmly defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and firmly maintain peace and stability in Taiwan.

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