Silk Road is not far from Chang’an, "It’s like a human come" second season Silk Road Changan articles

Original title: Silk Road is not far from Changan, "It seems like a" second season Silk Road Changan] On October 17, China’s large-scale real-scale cultural depth interview show "seems to be" second season Changan is killing in Xi’an.

The party secretary of the Shaanxi History Museum, the director Hou Ningbin and the total editor of, "It’s like a human come" programs sponsor Wang Xiaohui, crossing the long, the ruins of the history, and ride the millennium civilization.

   Before the Han Dynasty, Hou Ningbin came to Wang Xiaohui, the history of prosperity, thriving, thriving, thriving.

During the Western Han Dynasty, Zhang Wei received the Han Wudi will, makes the Western region, complete the "chisel journey", from this oriental and Western parties, here is the starting point of the "Silk Road", so that the festival is constantly. This Silk Road in the European-African continent, shoulders the mission of economic trade, cultural exchanges and art exchanges with glory, grapes, pomegranate, small wheat, millet, silk, iron. I can’t imagine that there is no "Silk Road", which will have a problem about our current life.

   The Tang Dynasty is the development of the "Silk Road" development, economic prosperity, political stability, military power, and development, open a "large-scale, long-distance" exchange event. From the Central Plains, there are mainly silk, porcelain, paper, and crops, and a large number of existences are introduced to China, such as metalworks, spices, gems, ivory and Qizhen beasts.

"Silk Road" also incorporates the scientific and technologies of the Central Plains into the Western Region, and the culture of the Western Regions has been widely spread in the Tang Dynasty.

Culture of Tang Dynasty and the culture of Western Regions collision, and mutually infiltrated and mutually influential. "There is no number of ringtones, and you should go to Anxi."

Two people went to Xi’an City Wall Yongning Wall, lamented the bustling scene of Datang Economic and Trade Road.

Hou Ningbin said: "Our country has a cultural ideal of compatibility with ancient times, no matter whether any national, first go out, absorb in, and then in accordance with actual improvement, inherit, enrichment.

The development of civilization is constantly interacting.

The ‘Silk Road’ is not only the road to trade, but also the road to cultural communication, the impact of the world is produced in various aspects. "Today, China-EU" Chang’an "slowly drove from Xi’an International Harbor Station to Kazakhstan, running out" new legend "on the" New Silk Road "of the millennium." Silk Road " History, affecting the world yesterday, today, more will affect our tomorrow. Wang Xiaohui with Hou Ningbin visited Daming Palace, Yong Nian, Huimin Street, Shaanxi History Museum, with unique Perspective, look back in Changan Millennium History, reveal the unique charm of the 13th Dynasty, feel that weighing and majestic. More exciting content, look forward to meeting you before the screen. (Editor: Zhao Chao, Zhang Firan) sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.