Pingxiang City held a city population evacuation exercise

On September 17, Pingxiang City Civil Defense Office held a "Shield – 20121" City, Pingxiang City.

At 10:20 in the morning, the air defense alarm sounded that Pingxiang City Civil Defense Staff and Anyuan District Fire Rescue Brigade, the city’s Shuguang rescue team immediately guided more than 300 teachers and students to evacuate the classroom, safe and orderly to reach the specified collection point, and trapped The person is rescued.

This exercise is closely engaged in actual combat, tight, using multi-level linkage, site shift, etc. Emergency command capacity, enhanced the national defense concept and civil air defense awareness of the people, showing the results of the construction of Pingxiang civil air defense work in the new era, and promoted the city’s civil air defense organization command to regional, and the utility direction is moved. In addition, Pingxiang City Civil Defense Office also used outdoor large electronic screen scrolls in Pingxiang City to use outdoor large electronic screen scrolls to play civil air defense special propaganda pictures, and multi-channel enhances all citizens’ air defense disaster prevention awareness.

(Liao Da).