Chongqing released the "fourteenth five" planning of manufacturing high quality development

  On August 3, the Chongqing Municipal Government Network issued a recent municipal government "14th Five-Year Plan" (2021-2025) "(2021-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as "planning").

  "Plan" proposes that by 2025, the industrial output value above the city will achieve 3 trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 6%, including 35% of strategic emerging industries, 32% output value of high-tech industries, and industrial added value. More than 900 billion yuan, industrial added value accounts for about 30%, and software business revenue reached 500 billion yuan.

  Grasping the development of the strategic diversion manufacturing development around the four key points "Make Articles" "Plan", in the next 5 to 15 years, will be the strategic diversity of the Chongqing manufacturing cross-cleaner, the advantage, the above steps. To this end, "Plan" proposed that the city’s manufacturing development will revolve around the four strategic focus "doing articles" – cultivation to create an international competitive industrial cluster. Cultivate three millions of electronic information, five hundred billion car, 300 billion equipment, six hundred billion materials, five hundred billion-level special consumer goods, millions of biomedical and other industrial clusters.

  Enhance the overall performance of manufacturing innovation.

Strengthening the Core Role of Innovation in the High Quality Development of Manufacturing and Enterprises in Innovation Subject to Configure Innovation Chains around the Industry Chain, and improve the development and innovation system of manufacturing.

  Improve the industrial basic ability and the modernization of industry chain supply chains.

Implementing the modernization of the industrial base reconstruction and industrial chain supply chain, coordinating the forging chief board and repairing the shortboard, continuously carrying the chain and power chain, and fully guarantee the supply chain stability, improve the supply chain toughness and root resistance of the industrial chain. Promote the development of intelligent, green, and human cultural transformation in manufacturing. Deepen a new generation of information technology implantation, improve manufacturing digital, networked, intelligent level; accelerate the construction of green plants and green parks, actively develop green products and green supply chains; more highlighting people’s role, promoting more participation of workers Design and deployment of manufacturing technology, strengthening skills and promotion and improvement such as worker human machine collaboration, realizing high-quality development of manufacturing and promoting high-quality development in manufacturing industry. Enhance the competitiveness of pillar industry to cultivate six types of war new industrial clusters, plan a group of future industries "plan", which will continue to enhance the international competitiveness of the pillar industry such as electronics, auto and motorcycle, including – the electronic industry, acceleration Local research and development system, enhance intelligent terminal products, local supporting level; automobile and motorcycle industry, speed up new model development, improve key components local supporting system, reshape China’s automobile and motorcycle city competition advantage; equipment manufacturing industry, implementation "machine + zero Part "Double enhancement action, consolidate the position of the global machine production base, building the country’s important mountain hilly agricultural machinery industry base and the western region leading elevator, engineering machinery industry base; consumer goods industry, deepening the integration of consumer goods industry and the integration of cultivation, and cultivation Have international competitive special consumer goods industry clusters; raw materials industry, accelerate structural adjustment and new product development, building a green building materials and natural gas chemical industry base with national influence. According to "Plan", "14th Five-Year Plan" manufacturing industry in the development direction of industrial development, we will focus on building a group of strategic emerging industrial clusters with national influence, involving new generation information technology, new energy and intelligent networks, high-end Equipment, new materials, biotechnology, and green environmentally friendly 6-class industries.

  Among them, in the new generation of information technology, the city will facing "Zhizhi Heavy Town" "Smart Town" construction needs, building an important power semiconductor device, flexible ultra HD display, new intelligent terminal, advanced sensor and intelligent instrumentation, network Safety industry base and Chinese software famous city.

  In terms of new energy and intelligent network, the city will play a comprehensive advantage in the production capacity of fuel vehicles, parts supporting system and integrated circuit ecology, promote new energy vehicles and information communications, energy, traffic depth integration, and building domestic leading Power battery industry base, hydrogen fuel cell application demonstration base and domestic advanced automotive electronics industry base. In terms of high-end equipment, the city will drive the application of components such as sensors and communication modules in the whole machine to implant and colored alloys, synthetic materials and other new materials, construction of national high-end CNC machine tools, urban rail transport vehicles, new energy equipment industries Base and western leading industrial robots, additive manufacturing equipment industry bases. In terms of new materials, the city will be an urgent need for industrial development and major project construction, building an internationally competitive polyamide material, polyurethane material industry base and country important advanced colored alloy materials, glass fiber and composite material base. In terms of biotechnology, our city will face significance for major diseases and residents’ health management, accelerate the pace of biopharms, promote medical equipment, chemicals, chemicals and preparations, modern Chinese medicine upgrades, and build domestic first-class biomedicine industry aggregation areas.

  In terms of green environmental protection, the city will face "carbon peaks, carbon neutrics" requirements and ecological civilization construction urgently demand, enrich energy-saving and environmental protection, new energy field technical equipment species, strong renewable resources, re-manufacturing and other resources comprehensive utilization industrial scale, construction National important energy conservation and environmental protection, regenerative resources, hydrogen energy and energy storage industry bases. "Planning" also puts forward, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the city will strengthen the prospective planning of the future industry of aerospace, genetic technology, future materials, and optoelectronics, through existing technical advantages, form a group of innovation results, promote A group of future industries leap-forward development.

  Clarify the implementation of the task guarantee implementation, implement eight security measures "plan", promote the high-quality development of the city’s manufacturing industry, the city will implement eight tasks, first in improving industrial innovation capabilities, including strengthening key core technology research, Strengthen high-level common technical platform construction, enhance corporate technology innovation capability, develop new R & D institutions, promote new application scenarios and new products to promote each other, accelerate industrial design development, and carry out institutional mechanism innovation and enterprise management innovation, enhance industrial basic ability and industries Chain supply chain modernization level.

  In addition, other seven tasks are: enhance the modernization of industrial base capabilities and industrial chain supply chains, deepen manufacturing digital transformation and service development, improve the green manufacturing system, cultivate quality market entities, strengthen quality brand construction, and promote park characteristics Development and promotion of regional coordinates. In order to protect the above implementation, "planning" also specifically proposes to take eight guarantees, including strengthening organization leadership, deepening manufacturing sector reform, expanding manufacturing open cooperation, reducing manufacturing costs, increase high quality talent supply, optimizing industrial policies System, do a good job in operating dispatching and corporate services, strengthen industrial safety production guarantee. Ten sets of data see Chongqing manufacturing development achievement 1 The city has more than 2 trillion yuan, all industrial added value of nearly 700 billion yuan 2 has 31 manufacturing industries, basically completed, productive industry System 3 In the city’s dominant industry, microcomputers, mobile phones, automobiles, motorcycles account for more than 24%, 9%, 6%, 29%, respectively, and build domestic maximum adipic acid, and spandex production base 4 market vitality Enhanced, the number of industrial enterprises above the whole city has more than 6,800, including 1 hundred billions of enterprises, 20 billions of enterprises (independent legal persons) 5 innovation capacity continued to increase, accumulating 10 national key laboratories, national enterprise technology center 37 Home, large-scale industrial enterprises have more than%, ranking in the national forefront, 12-inch power management chip, silicon-based optical electronic kit, etc. In China, there is a result of 6 ones and 6, the world’s 500 industrial enterprises have 237 Layout, industrial field use foreign capital in 10 years to maintain more than $ 400 million, and the export delivery value of industrial enterprises above the size is more complete, and the total output value of industrial enterprises above is more complete, and "2 + 10 + 36" "Industrial Park System, Lu Hai Mr., four-way expansion, comprehensive three-dimensional international large channel network accelerates the rise of 8 digital economy," Zhizhi Heavy Town "accelerated construction," Mixer Nuclear Network " Group, digital economic added value, the total value of the total value of more than 25%, 9 new industries, rapid growth, large-scale industrial strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries, more than 32%, 28% 10 traditional industries, respectively The transformation and upgrading is accelerated, and the average annual growth of the technical transformation investment has been built into 67 intelligent factories and 359 digital workshops. The total labor productivity of the industrial enterprises above the company has reached the source: "Chongqing manufacturing industry high quality development" The 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) "(with the above data statistics time as of 2020) Chongqing Daily reporter Xia Yuan (editor: cover pure, Zhang Wei) Share more people see.