Yoga diet, meet the vegan wind

Yoga diet, meet the “vegan” wind

瑜伽将食物分为三大类:   惰性食物   有些会使人的身体变得僵硬,催人衰老,易怒急躁的食物,就是各种肉类及其制品,如鸡肉、猪肉、牛肉、鱼类、Eggs and their products, animal internal organs.
This also includes foods that are highly irritating, such as tobacco, wine, and peppers.
Long-term consumption of these foods can cause stiffness, irritability, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, digestive diseases, cancer, arthritis and other symptoms.
These foods are called “inert foods” in the yoga diet.
  变性食物   在瑜伽饮食中被称为”变性食物”的是各种刺激性强的调味制品,腌制食品,加工烹饪的食物,如咖啡,浓茶,巧克力,碳酸饮料等;各种烘烤食品Such as cream cakes, cookies, donuts, various instant noodles, canned food, etc. Consuming such foods can increase calories, but it is unhealthy and more detrimental to the mind. After long-term consumption, people will become slow thinking and impatient.
  Pleasant foods Foods recommended by yogis are called “preferred foods” and include a variety of cereals, beans and their products, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk and dairy products.
Long-term consumption not only allows you to have a healthy body, but also purifies the mind, calms the heart, and prevents you from getting sick.
The recommended dietary principles of yoga based on the characteristics of modern people’s lives are: eat more pleasant foods, eat less transsexual foods, and avoid inert foods!
As a result, many people are worried about malnutrition and there are so many restrictions on practicing yoga that I can’t practice it.
In fact, this kind of worry is unnecessary, we don’t have to change things too deliberately when we start to practice yoga, the change will happen naturally.
Worry about malnutrition is unnecessary, and the animal protein needed by the human body can be obtained from milk.
This is why India sees cattle as gods.
  Indian Yoga’s alternative interpretation of food is somewhat mysterious.
Yoga believes that everything on our planet is closely related to the sun, especially human beings.
Without the sun, there would be no life on earth.
Yoga. The food that we humans get should be plants that are directly illuminated by the sun (plants perform light and function).
Because this is the first food to convert solar energy.
And if we eat animals, the waste left after the good nutrients are absorbed by the animals will be absorbed by us again. It is conceivable to know what it is like to eat the food left by others.
After hearing this, do you still want to eat meat?
  Fasting Method After a period of yoga practice, I believe that many people want their bodies to be cleaner. In yoga training, regular yoga fasting methods are essential.
This method can temporarily rest the digestive and excretory system, let the body detoxify itself, make the body cleaner, and strengthen the body’s immunity. It is an effective method to fight and eliminate physical diseases and self-regulate to achieve self-healing.
  The one-day “fasting” method is the easiest and safest method of fasting and is widely spread around the world.
The proof shows that it can eliminate various neuroses, such as neurasthenia, and adjust the function of the digestive system. It is a good starting method to switch from meat to vegetarian food.
After fasting, people are very sensitive to the color, texture, aroma, and taste of food. From then on, vegetarians will easily accept the digestive system without causing a burden.
You can practice fasting for a period of time. You can choose to do it on weekends. You can choose to be vegetarian on Fridays and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. On Fridays, dinners will be reduced. You will not eat staple foods for dinner.
Yoga quiet rest, listen to music, read a book, relax, not to be tired, you can meditate, meditate, drink water at normal meal times, and go to bed early.
Start dieting on Sunday morning. Breakfast should be small. Pay attention to slow meals. Do n’t eat heavy foods such as meat and high fat for lunch. Be sure to chew slowly.
It can also be conducted under the guidance of an experienced teacher, or participate in a group fasting activity.
  Fasting is good for the body and even the mind.
People no longer need to work to digest food, internal wisdom is stimulated, potential energy is awakened, and it is helpful for deep mindfulness and deep meditation.
In fact, you can take 30 minutes of solitude every day, sit down, meditate, and give yourself a time to meditate alone. You can do nothing and just relax your nerves and reduce stress.
Yoga practice for a period of time, you will feel calm and happy.
Some people will obviously feel that they do n’t want to eat meat. This is normal. Do n’t worry. The human digestive system is most suitable for vegetarian food.
It is necessary to pay attention to adjusting the dietary mix, selecting foods in a comprehensive and balanced manner, reducing the protein of meat, which can increase the intake of milk and yogurt, increase the intake of soy products, and supplement vitamin tablets and trace element tablets.
Drink plenty of water, not drinks, coffee, etc.
You can add lemon juice or lemon slices to the water, which has an anti-aging effect and balances the pH of the body.
  Yoga diet will make you young, make you healthy and energetic, and make you Yushu!