Leng Ling said at this moment,“Qin Feng,What are you afraid of,Just go。As for this?Ha ha,I’m really not afraid of him playing tricks。”

have to say,That’s arrogant in Leng Ling’s tone。
Qin Feng is afraid of these patrols?The answer is absolutely no,He just doesn’t want to cause trouble,In case the director is really in the same group with Jin Haoyu,It is very likely that Qin Feng and others will become fugitives again。
This kind of thing
I tried it once when the wind was on the island。So he really doesn’t want to be dealt with by these people who carry official duties,Because once they are really selfish,It’s possible to be scammed here。
“Are you scared??”Leng Ling saw that Qin Feng did not respond and urged again。
Yooo?afraid?I Qin Feng will be afraid?
“Walking,It’s a big deal upset him!”Qin Feng is also willing。After all, when he was in the island country before, Qin Feng was actually very angry。Because at the end of the fight, he found out that he couldn’t compare with two peers。
Yes,Zhang Qiang and Chu Xiao are both young,Are in their twenties and under thirty,It stands to reason that they are the same age。But the battle between the two,Qin Feng can’t intervene。
As for now,This is not an island country,No storm!Naturally, he won’t gather masters。Even if the person named Jin Howoo runs a taekwondo gym,Qin Feng thinks he should still be able to win。After all, if the stick mercenary I saved in the first place was right,,Qin Feng’s strength is still better than Jin Haoyu。
The mercenary said this!
The Chief of Patrol, Qian Taiming, is also neat,Just walk away。And I asked Qin Feng for advice before leaving。After all, since Qin Feng has some concerns,Then he must not bring too many people。
In fact, Qin Feng felt,Anyway, if I get to that place,If it really fights,Is it useful to have more patrol officers??Yes,Is actually useful,It’s just that Qian Taiming can’t mobilize too many people。Only two groups of people can follow and act together。
The two groups add up to a dozen patrols。But this configuration should be enough?After all, there shouldn’t be so many people in a bureau, all of them are under the orders of the director。