It’s impossible to always give Me Luo a mess of food,The purpose of cooking sometimes has to be considered for Miró。

Simple dinner,But very special。porridge、pickle,Leave one for Miró。
There is a living creature in the house to accompany you to eat,It’s better than being deserted,Don’t have a taste。
Tian Lu after dinner,To catch the manuscript,As well as processing video production during the day。Walk to the fake two-story loft on the second floor,Turn on the lamp,Net desktop,turn on computer,Turn on the focused mode of writing and finishing。
By the way, George was sitting in the private car returning from Chen Limu,Can’t help sighing:“Like、Really alike!”
Chen Limu took the conversation:“Since it looks like,You know what to do next。Mainly you are trying to figure out if it is Jack。of course,In the process of figuring out,Don’t disturb that girl,It’s not good to cause negative。”
George seems very educated,Continuous channel:“Yes、Yes、Yes!I must arrange it properly!”Look out of the window,Aunt Mu’s arrangement,He dare not refuse,Also willingly obey。
Before George came to study in Yihai City、The downfall of starting a business。
That was after college,Attend TV in Yihai City“Entrepreneurial star”Canvassing,In other words,Ten college students participated in employment and entrepreneurship speeches,Connect with entrepreneurs,Get entrepreneur sponsorship through speeches。
then,He has no human and social resources,In giving speeches and planning dream blueprints,Not supported by an entrepreneur,No support from the company,It means that when he first entered the society, he was missing an opportunity to realize his entrepreneurial dream。
It just so happened that among the many entrepreneurs, Chen Limu represented Sheng Blu-ray to do public welfare undertakings,Chen Limu didn’t expect to come to such a TV show,Think again,Being able to support the innovation and entrepreneurship of a new generation of college students is also a valuable and meaningful public welfare activity。
On the TV selection,All the college students participating in the show were eloquent on the stage,Talking about personal advantages and future development advantages to introduce yourself,Most college students are talking about wonderful things,Received full applause,Supported and signed by the entrepreneurs on the spot。
First19chapter Be trusted
Did not get the entrepreneur as“Investor”Supportive,Means life back to its original shape,Dreams lost。
It’s George’s turn to say,He speaks generously about his personal grand goals。