After Yiming came back,Xiao Fan asked him to take his brother back to rest。Yiming the next day, they don’t have to do anything,I followed Xiao Fan to the base camp of those people。

I want to see what the pain those people endure like,I also want to see if those people know where they are wrong,How many unreasonable things have been done。
The most important thing for Yiming is to avenge Shen Lin,Want to anger,Even though he packed a lot of people yesterday,But I always feel that my heart is stuck in my chest and I didn’t let it out。
Thinking that Shen Lin is still lying in bed and unconscious, he is very angry,But Xiao Fan actually knew what Yiming was thinking,Without saying more, let him follow。
After coming to their base camp,Xiao Fan used yesterday’s method to deal with them again,And Xiao Fan did what he said,Used a success force yesterday,I used two powers of success today。
Those people feel more painful,Everyone wants to hide but can’t hide,I can’t escape if I want,Can only linger in front of Xiao Fan and begging for mercy。
Later, they didn’t even have the strength to beg for mercy,But how could Xiao Fan let them escape this disaster so easily?。
Seeing them lingering on the ground now,Xiao Fan just felt unable to stand it,I feel that the evil things these people do are just not enough for them。
But Xiao Fan didn’t want to look at them again,After all, these people look at Xiao Fan more and feel that they have stained their eyes。
So after solving them the next day,Went back to the resting place,But on the road I met an unexpected guest。
This person is not good at first sight,Xiao Fan initially thought it was someone who wanted to steal his necklace,But after a closer look, I found that this person’s figure is somewhat familiar。
Then Gu Jin called out Master,Xiao Fan looked far away and found that it was really his master,So he hurried forward to say hello to Master,Gu Jin and Xiao Fan are very happy。
Kunlun Xu’s former master was Wenxie,Is also a famous person in the arena,But since retiring to the world,I don’t know what I’m doing,No one else knows his trace。
I only know that his apprentice Xiao Fan is very powerful,And his apprentice Gu Jin is also in charge of Kunlun Xu,So no one knows his whereabouts for so many years,But Xiao Fan and Gu Jin don’t know。
I didn’t expect to meet my master here,Then Xiao Fan stepped forward and asked Master:“Master, why are you here?,So many years,Why don’t you come to see us。”
Xiao Fan also looks like a junior only in front of his master,Otherwise, he has always looked high and planned for everyone。
But never showed the appearance of a junior in front of the elders,Even in front of Fan Lao Xiao Fan is always the one who takes care of Fan Lao。
But obviously Xiao Fan saw his master,Changes in mentality and actions,Gu Jin is also very happy to watch。