Wanghai this boundary,I dare not say that every street is familiar,But at least leave Korean Xiang in the crowd,She can still tell the direction of home。

Walk aimlessly,Han Yuxiang doesn’t know what he wants to do,I just want to take a walk!
When passing by a convenience store,Bought a few cans of beer,Something that I used to reject,Now it tastes dull and tasteless。
Turning to look back to the direction of Fenglin Night Inn,About 30 minutes away from myself,And home away from yourself,I’m afraid it will take at least an hour。
Looked down at the beer in his hand,I’m afraid to walk back to my car,Can’t drive away!
Grinning,I can’t think of beer, this dull thing,It’s actually quite delicious at this time。
Keep going in the direction of your own home,I remembered what I shouldn’t,Korean, just drink,In this case,Life will not seem too boring。
When I get home,Han Yuxiang’s steps are a little wobbly。on the way,Naturally, someone like her will come up to strike up a conversation。Can still maintain his own scumbag,Korean Xiang ignored,Those who do,Korean Xiang just threw directly over the shoulder,Make him lose the ability to get out of bed in the next few days,Those who look more annoying to Han Yuxiang,She will make up for it。
Han Yuxiang is not drunk,But full of alcohol。
Walk into the house,Aunt Zhang, the nanny, felt something was wrong,But I saw the look of Korean Xiang,Hard to ask,I had to settle the old lady into the bedroom first,Considering other issues。
Sat down on his desk for a while,Found that I was not drunk in Korean Xiang,Went out and reopened myself a bottle of wine。
Holding a wine bottle,If you remember correctly,This should be given to his father by Xiang Chen last time。
Is good wine!But Han Yuxiang still cursed in his heart“Him!”
Too lazy to change wine,Han Yuxiang drank directly into the bottle。I used to think that drinking would make things wrong,Han Yuxiang still feels so,But it is undeniable,Wine is really good,After the entrance,Except for the hot feeling,The brain really doesn’t think about other things anymore。
“Drink alone,I’m not going to order wine,I know at a glance that he can’t drink!”