And now that such a thing has happened, if it can bring out the people of Skynet, it is exactly what Qin Feng wants to see。After all, if you really can’t hold it here,He can find someone to support!

“Ugh.Have you forgotten the remains of our spider?”Bill thought his plan should be seamless,After all, their people do it themselves,There shouldn’t be any problems。
Who ever thought,It turns out that their killer’s intelligence was not well done,All the people on the list have been resolved。There are no intelligence personnel on Skynet!This is just great,Because my intelligence work is not in place,Push their team into the abyss of hell all at once。
Is there a chance of a comeback now??Don’t talk about turning over,Even if you want to defend it is very difficult。
after all,There are many masters in the remains of the spider!Although the Scavengers were basically defeated in the first battle of the island nation.。But the leader is not dead!If you follow the core content of their organization,That one might come to trouble Bill who wants to be independent。
But shouldn’t,After all, isn’t it all right for Zhang Qiang to go out independently??
Besides, he thought about it,The two branches of foreign operations have separated spiders,Then the spider is left with an internal scavenger branch,It’s still a team with a dead commander。
If you think about it,Spiders aren’t really threatening, right??
Of course it’s not that simple。Although there is only one poison general left,But the strength of Tessa,Bill once suspected that he was a master of heaven。
Louise, the leader of the scavengers,That’s also a real powerhouse。Even Bill knew,That one is stronger than him。As for the leader white,
That definitely has heavenly strength,Even he once guessed whether that one has reached the god level。
After all so many years,Basically I haven’t seen the leader make a free move。
Besides,Also alive are Gambot, the leader of the deserter, and Buffon, the leader of the goalkeeper.。
Although the main character of the escape is to help the internal members to escape。In other words, Gambot is the master of this aspect.,Many times others describe him as oiling under his feet,Or the cunning man of Cunning Rabbit Three Caves。The US has arrested this person before,But even if the helicopter is dispatched, they can’t catch them.。