After all, it’s a question of identity。

Although the country is far away from the emperor,Some forces in the country still care about Zhumen,So there will be endless bids,To promote this marriage。
Zhu Minglang, don’t believe that his charm can be so full that it costs more than three million gold for Hualong Girl!
Princess Luoshui。
You pay some more money!
You are too expensive,Let me post a bit for you。
My son can still be rescued!!
I wish Minglang have a terrible headache now,I can’t put my sword on Princess Luoshui’s neck,Let her continue to bid with Hualong。
at the moment,As long as Princess Luoshui is not willing to pay a higher price,I really became the son-in-law of Hualongnv。
Flower Dragon Girl’s posture,So many female princesses、The female hou was beaten out。
originally,Princess Luoshui made a bid,Basically, there won’t be too many people competing with her,After all, while the princess has strong funds,,All forces have to make way for this year’s protagonist。
unfortunately,Obviously, Hua Guoshi does not want Zhumen to be involved in the King’s Palace,So I just instructed my sister to win love。
“Five million gold。”
suddenly,A cold voice sounded,The sound is beautiful and pleasant,Just a cold and firm tone!
“Five million gold!!”
The chief official of the palace couldn’t help but exclaimed。
A group of palace officials looked at the speaker。
And those women,Also turned to a beautiful woman,Including Princess Luoshui, she looked at the woman with such a huge price in surprise.!
Flower Dragon Girl is stunned。