“Invincible,We don’t know how long we know,Now we are more than friends.,You make me feel hard.。”

“Snowman,You are perfect in my heart.,I really want to marry you.,Please accept me.。”
Say,Jiang invincible from his arms to pull out a delicate box,Instant of the box opened,Qin Xue lived。
The box is actually an apple.,And this apple is almost the same as Li Hui Rong.。
See Apple’s moments,Qin Xue couldn’t help but show a little bit of drip with Li Hui Feng.,Go to the resort together,Pressing the road together,Help her perfect deceived family,Ten thousand apples sent to send,There is no disorders because of the value of Apple.,Instead, she is afraid that she knows the value and is ordinary apple.。
This recall,She found,The advantages of Li Hui Feng have so much。
And then see Jiang invincible,She found that the eyes of each other are full of possession.,Slowly possess,There is no gentle look like Li Hui’s wind.。
“this is?”
Qin Xue is not known to see the invincible。
“hehe,This is invaluable treasure,This apple is called a station in the entertainment circle.,It is called holy fruit abroad,I also spend a lot of strength to get this one.,As long as you eat, you can still be beautiful.。”
“Forehead,This is too expensive.,I can’t。”
Qin Xue listened to the other party explained so much,In the mind, Li Hui’s appearance is like a picture of her apple.,Invincible with the river,She suddenly understood who is that people who love her.。
This is just a little gift that I am married to you.,Nothing for me。”
“Feel sorry,I can not accept,Because there is still someone in my heart,And I found that I really can’t forget the other party.。”
Chapter 442
Qin Xue said that this will get up and get up directly to leave.。
Seeing Qin Xue’s fascinating posture,Jiangsu invincible is also an annoyed,Soon,Qin Xue is the only woman who can’t get.,It is also the only woman who has some heart.。
As such a woman who makes him, there is still someone else.,How can this accept it?。
“Is it a student?。”
Jiangsu invincible this question very calm,But Qin Xue is able to feel the storm below.。
“no,Don’t think more。”
“hehe,Since it is not,Then I will play with him.,I hope that Miss Qin doesn’t stop me.。”
I heard the invincible called Miss Qin.,Qin Xue suddenly feels some fearful feelings,At the same time, it is also afraid that the other party really has to do it with Li.。
Although she knows that Li Hui is also very powerful.,But Li Hui’s power is just a power between students.,How can I be more than a few more than a big。
It is very likely that Jiang’s invincible sentence can ruin Li Hui’s life.。
“River invincible,You are casual。”
Say this,Qin Xueqi’s face is white,Directly step on the high heel。
And Jiang invincible is a big fire。
Pick up the phone directly to dialed a phone number。
“Hey,Give it to check,Previous studies with Qin Xue interaction,And what is the other party?,do what,Give me a clear。”
After the command,Jiang invincible, closed his eyes quietly waiting。
Soon, his mobile phone is sent.。
And there is all the information all of Li,Including Li Huihua, a thousand and five million contracting mountain farm, the land of sand, there is a record,Even the things of Li Hui’s greenhouse have also recorded。
See these information,Jiang invincible laugh directly。
I immediately took a phone number again.。
“Hey,Uncle,I remember the big cousin at home is the business of managing herbs in Hongli County.?”
“Has been removed,It seems that the father of the old man personally came out.,It seems to be a rural female doll,However, the rural female doll is the blood of the family.,Xu family thinks that she owes her,I just talked about love with the other side before.,I don’t know some of them.,But it can be sure to turn it away.,Other children from the family to manage。”