“Second uncle,That kid is what you want.,Do you want people to take him directly tonight??”

“Need not,There are other families in the scene.!It is mainly working tonight.,As for this kid, I will give you.,I didn’t remember that you seem to be interesting to Qin Xue.?
Look at Qin Xue to the state of the boy arm,The relationship between the two is probably not general,So you just want to get the kid,I dare to guarantee,Qin Xue is 100% is yours!”
In fact, no land analysis,Lu Tian also understand。
But there is an analysis of land transportation,He is more wanting to make Li Hui’s ugly。
“Row,Then give it to me.,I will play with their places to play in light people last year.,I am afraid that I am afraid I am bothering the business of the second uncle.!”
“Xiao Tian,This day, you are much better than my uncomfortable son.,Just rush your sentence,Take later, the rights of the land works in conjunction with you.,The worse the cleaning, the better!”
Lu Zi listened this,Laugh:“Need not,I am enough.。”
Say,He has to go directly to find a few buddies who have played on weekdays.。
at this time,Li Hui Feng is noted that Zhao Bingru and Chai Xiaoman are actually at the banquet scene.。
Why didn’t he think of two high school students will live in such a banquet?。
“Snowman,What big families in Huashan City is surnamed Zhao or surname?”
The first thousand four hundred and twelve chapters do not match the shoes
Big family,But there are several middle families!”
“However, there is a big family in the surname.,But the other party is the big family of Magic,Come here is just investment,It seems that there is no root plan。”
Li Huihe heard this,Asked directly:“The family is mainly what business is?”
“It seems to be a dry medicine and medical equipment,I have not asked,what happened?”
“nothing,There is a girl in our class, I suspect a child of a big family.!”
Qin Xue heard this and did not continue to ask。
Li Hui Feng, Li Hui, also found that Qin Xue’s charm is indeed invincible.。
Even if Qin Xue indicates that he is her boyfriend’s identity。
But there are still many people come over with Qin Xue.。
Even if you have to contact information。
However, it is good to be rejected by Qin Xue.。
Land Tian, which is not far away, naturally sees this scene。
He didn’t expect Qin Xue, will directly reject so many good men for Li Hui Feng.。
You must know that there are a few more than 30 years of business owners that have hundreds of millions.。
And a little Li Hui,There is a few hundred thousand cars in his eyes.。
“Miss Qin,Long-term name,I have been a meeting,Today, I saw you.。”
The land transported a glass of wine.。
He didn’t have a look at Li Hui.,Because he is afraid that he can’t help but kill。