It is estimated that they also know that they like these flowers and herbs from the peach flowers.!I will find this special call to see it.!

“And I!And I!I am going to go here to find this tree.!”
“it is good,Thank you for,There are three brothers,Four brothers!”
It seems that it is not so easy to steal a lazy.!
Sincerely, thank you.,Take advantage of the second brother to pick up the air,Niu Niu carefully observed the terrain around this.。
The place where the gardenia is located is still spacious.,Has a half room size。A semi-circular shape that is specially pulled out from the mountains,It’s just a small entrance.。Otherwise, you can see it in your eyes.,Second, they are not the first time they discovered now.。
The semicircular front is still about two acres of wasteland,Even weeds have no other places,It is estimated that there is no nutrition,Pity!
Niu Niu retrans,Look in the direction of the mountain。
Um?Is that mountain spring??It seems to be in the water!
“Two brother!I heard the sound of the water drop.!There is a water inside.!”
“Um,Yamu,Can be sweet!Niu Niu wants not to taste?”
Niu Niu walked in the small short legs,Different brothers, they accidentally found a treasure land.!
Niu Niu has a bold idea in germination。
“Three brothers,You pull a girl!Don’t let her go too fast.,There is a puddle inside!Don’t fall.!”
“Niu Niu,I pulled you.!”
Two people pulled hands slowly,It’s a wet feeling very quickly.。I can also see a fine flow between the stone seam.,There is also a small puddle below.,咕咕 咕。
There is also a spring eye?It’s a good place.!
“Niu Niu,I will give you some coming.,You stand here,Don’t stain your shoes!”
“it is good,Thank you.!”
I saw myself want to see.,Niu Niu no longer insisted on going,Waiting for three brothers return water。
Water holding water with leaves,Niu Niu drinks,Actually there is still a big man。
“anything else?Tri-brother will go to you again。”
This drinking is like to think that the girl is thirsty.。
“Three brothers are not available!Let’s go home.!I don’t want to go back to the milk.!”
The idea of the girl’s brain is more and more strong. She needs to go back and reason.,Although this thing is in a hurry
“Niu Niu,I will take you first.,Go back and give you no better?”
Niu Niu nodded,Seeking it!
Don’t want to think,Who will refuse such a good request?!
Go on the road,Niu Niu pulled two dog tail grass,Happy and happy with my brothers.
“Niu Niu came back.,Let’s take a look,Let’s do it next.!”

Durian is constantly divided,Harvest each time,I have already returned to half yet.,The people next to the onlookers are very comfortable,It is like it is the same as you open.。

Finally installed several boxes。
And see the little girl’s look,It seems that this is just a routine operation。
The little cousin pushes the small throttle station outside the crowd,Hand supported cart handrail,Hey, look, look at the head,Eyes flashing。
If you have this luck……
Earlier earned big money!
Small gousse is envious。
Next morning。
A group of luggage,Go eat down the rice noodles,The amount of small cousin is really small.,Puttong’s bowl of rice is not eaten,Changed the seventh or Nan Ge,Add a meat, rice, but also drink soup to clean and clean it.。
Take it on the home trip。
Because of the job problem of Nange,Driving is the vicinity,Nan Ge is sitting in a car,The group is squatting on her legs,序 and buns are sitting behind。
The little girl will explore the head from the middle:“Depth,How long is we going??”
No waiting,槐:“Normal opening for seven or eight hours,Let Zhou left to open ten hours more,Prerequisites are not traffic jams。”
“Don’t believe him,Eight hours of 50 minutes,The seven or eight hours of the 780 hours are。”
“Nan Ge, he said that you are!”槐 序。
“Be lazy to care。”Nan Ge turned over white eyes。
“Meow!”The group stared at the left。
“What is the big group??”Baozi curious。
“She is a reader。”槐 序 摆 摆。
“……”Bao silence,Weak weak look at this handsome beauty is not like mortal cousin friends,“How do you listen to the group?。”
“Because I am also a monster.。”槐。
The buns are tightly,The hands of the door on the side of the door have been packed up.,And the hands behind the 槐 is still relaxing on the leg,But the palm is obviously fever,She only asked for a long time.:“then you、you、What kind of demon??” hateful!Obviously said that good tone is calm!
This mouth doesn’t listen to her.!
槐 眼 眼 微 眯 眯 一,Terrible tone:“I am a tiger that kills people.,I often eat people before I am unchemical.,桀桀 桀桀……”
Buns stayed。
Nan Ge turned over:“You don’t care about him,He is a tease,Husky。”
Buns are more dull:“what……Can Husky can be classified??”
Isn’t it possible to be a fine after the founding??

“Got it,Early in the morning,Yin and yang,Say,Why come to me?”Xia Shuyue hit her and asked。

Wu Lili looked at Yang Yong again,Shaking his head,Pretend to say,“no way,Since I saw this handsome guy that day,I’ve always been in love,how about it,Can you borrow your handsome guy to accompany me out for a day??”
Xia Shuyue sticks out her tongue after listening,Ask mischievously,“Be honest,Did your family force you to go on a blind date?,People who want to borrow me to impersonate?”
Wu Lili did not answer,Ask with a smile,“Just say whether to borrow or not?”
Yang Yong has parked the car at this time,come over,Xia Shuyue pointed at him with her chin,“You ask him,He has nothing to do for a day anyway,I’ll let him go if he wants。”
Wu Lili immediately took Yang Yong and walked to the car,“Yang Yong,Then let’s go,She agreed。”
Xia Shuyue asked,“Hey,You even want people and cars together?”
Wu Lili never looked back,“nonsense,But you don’t need to feel bad,I will pay for the gas myself。”Got in the car after talking,Shake your hand goodbye to Xia Shuyue。
Ye Boping came by taxi all the way from the community,He has been hiding in the dark after getting out of the car,Saw Yang Yong leave,Walked out,Follow Xia Shuyue。
Xia Shuyue climbed up the stairs from the parking passage,Very laborious,Her arms akimbo,Take a breath after walking two or three steps。
Ye Boping looked so angry,Seduce me with someone else’s child,I am divorced,Good for you,Still in the mood to open a shop,I want you to die now!
Look back,No one around,Ye Boping rushed towards Xia Shuyue in three steps and two steps,When she gets behind her,Deliberately hit her hard。
Xia Shuyue was struggling to climb stairs,And keep your body akimbo,Hit by Ye Boping,Lose balance instantly,Lean back,She quickly reached out to grab the railing next to it,But caught。
I’m about to fall to the ground,Xia Shuyue screamed,But my body was suddenly supported from behind,It’s the little girl at the front desk,She is sending a client off the parking lot from the photo studio to drive,I just saw Ye Boping hit Xia Shuyue。

“Hey,Hey。Looking for you,Uncle Geng called you something,Don’t run,I don’t see anything。”Peng Wulai’s words are more wretched than his eyes,Even Li Tianchou was very upset listening,Just waiting for some sarcasm,Unexpectedly, he would go out after a while,I made a thumbs up gesture when I went out,Li Tianchou can’t understand,But I feel that the master has no good intentions。

Xiao Song hasn’t come back for a long time,Peng Weihua is also missing。But in the evening,Suddenly it started to get upset outside,A lot of messy footsteps,Came over。Although I rarely speak,But many people can hear it,Everyone seems to be busy moving things。Li Tianchou was lying on the hospital bed bored,Although curious,Helpless and inconvenient,Had to endure。
Finally it’s dinner time,The messy footsteps outside the door disappeared。At this time, Xiao Song came in with the dinner plate as usual,Just silent,Without the liveliness at noon,And his face is not so pretty。
Li Tianchou is a little puzzled,Is it still angry,This girl is too careful。Just thinking,Xiao Song is already very skilled in shaking up the hospital bed,Set up the folding table,Set the plate,Never say a word from beginning to end。
very obvious,Miss Song is in a bad mood,Lively and happy heart is gone,Like a wood,Really frustrating。Li Tianchou, who was still somewhat guilty, couldn’t help it anymore,“Uh,You seem unhappy?”
“Yes,very unhappy,What do you want to say?”I didn’t expect Xiao Song to be so frank,Let Li Tianchou who was ready to be scolded unexpectedly。
“Nothing to say,Just curious,Let me guess who upset you,Ha ha,Must be my master,right?”
Xiao Song pouted,Obviously dismissive。
“That must be Uncle Geng talking about you?”
Xiao Song shook his head。
“that……”Li Tianchou really has no reason。
“Don’t guess,I’m afraid the hospital is about to move。”Xiao Song didn’t even think about hiding it,Sighed faintly。
Chapter Ninety Countermeasure

A few days ago,Her situation has to be turned a lot.。

Summer and ancient sea,Integrity。
Ancient sea,Signature two people sit down,Summer view,“How did you come?”
Summer opening,Ji Baobao bottle,“Sister,Summer thinks you should return Huaxia,Even if you will take the injury and then。”
Ancient sea,Faint look。
Ji Bao bottle is not guilty,Positive color,“Summer means,He is going to attract attention,From my escort, my sister leaves。”
Summer is also attached to,“Is such an ancient master,I have now a grasp anti-Heng Ge,He can’t help me.……”Not finished,Ancient sea。
She sighs,“I know you are good,But the purpose of my trip,Want to force people standing behind Martin,If I am not seriously injured,The other party is impossible。”
Summer does not agree,Say,“If the other party is wearing it??
Ten thousand steps,Even if the other party appears,Ancient teacher, you are seriously injured.,Can you host it??”
“I have an arrangement。”
Summer shink,“I can speculate about it.,The back of the ancient master,The Master of Qinling is one of them.,There is also a master in the darkness of Changsheng.,Plus Jiyi,You can also force you when you say it.,Is that right?”
Ancient sea eyes flashed,in silence,http://www.qhoutdoor.cnTake the Ji Bao Bottle。
“I didn’t tell him.。”
Ji Bao bottle is innocent。
Summer is then said,“Have you ever thought of uncle?,I heard that when you last for the last time,Just Martin is now,Means of,The gods of the gods also have a large number of masters……So I think,Even after the scene,The winning of our side is not big.。”
“Maybe you said。”
The ancient sea clear and stunned,Swift,“But some things,You won’t understand。”
Speech,If she has no eyebreaker bottle。
Ji Bao bottle is in the heart,Take the face。
The two have been waiting for those who have already die.,Appear in front of them。
This is in the summer of the summer.,Can’t help but pick your eyebrows。
He just want to ask,The ancient sea suddenly smiled,“Ok,I’ll listen to you,Let the treasure bottle to send me back Huaxia,Just now I think,I am injured now.,In fact, where is the same?,Maybe returned to Huaxia’s chance to catch each other.,The other party thinks we are relaxing,Already safely,Give us a fatal blow to us?。”
I suddenly think,Indeed。
He opened his mouth,“Don’t think about the ancient master?
Stay in foreign countries,I secretly guard you。”
I can’t help but laugh one side.。
Ancient sea is no self-ban。
“No need to consider,That’s a deal,You go outside to attract attention。”
The ancient sea is a smile,“But before this,Let me talk to me first.,How do you resist power?,How to counter the masters of the gods alliance。”
“Sister,Summer this kid really talent,He actually pushed new breath,Can accelerate the speed of ×……”Ji Baobao bottle does not hesitate to sell the summer。

“I am here tonight.。”

“Taoist room limited,Waiting for Under Yin Le, I have to come to my house.。”
“?”The old monsters look at him surprised.,Don’t dare to confirm,“Do you still remember how you didn’t want to sleep??”
“Who let you always become a woman……”
If explained, I haven’t finished it.,The old monsters have left the way.。
Zhou is also very helpless。
Yin Leyi did not come over and rest,He guards a night,I hope that I can have the next future of the six.,But the bell is not ringing overnight.。
fortunately,With him, there is also a little girl who is surnamed.,How much is someone talking?。
Others want to come to sleep well.。
Think about it,Who sleeps again??
Zhou Sleep。
Thanks to the clean,Zhou Siu sleeps delicious,Although there is also a thoughts of thoughts before going to bed,Slag cat with parkour,What is this??
It is getting bright in the sky,Red light is still。
Different from the night of the night,Some people in the day will visit peaceful,Experts explain clearly not recognized by everyone,And even how many people have not been recognized,Someone still comes here to find the most central——Coincidentally it is a way,More than a few pieces of metaphysics。
But than yesterday,Today’s people still have a lot more,Thanks to a rumor who took out this morning.:Some experts said,Uncertainty caused red light to be harmful to the human body。
This rumor is only circulating around the village and towns.,But it blocks a lot of sports.、Chartered master。
“Master is seriously ill,Infection。”
“Not reception,Please return everyone.。”
Xuan Qing Master’s weak voice makes many people disappointment。
AM 10 o’clock,The bell rang again。
This is a lot of pilgrims in Taoism.、And the mutual visor has never heard of bells。
Everyone will run to the door quickly.,Look outside through the door。
One125Motorcycles drift along the small road to the mountain,Someone gets off,Then look down,A villager returned to the disappointment to talk two sentences,Taoism on the hill。
Is a young man。
Yin Le Express,Welcome him in,I am afraid that I am visible.。
At this time, everyone saw this person.。
Aged,Shaving,Silver earrings,Hand with tattoo and hot screw,Jacket wearing a bean shoes and black with rivets,Also wear sunglasses,A little bit,It looks like a combination of non-mainstream and small mixing,Inexplicably thinks about《I am not a drug god》Yellow hair in,Shaved head version。


First1603chapter Shock
“Is there a problem with Mayor Zhao??“Tong Jie couldn’t help but ask such a sentence,But as soon as she spoke her words, she felt a little rash,After all, He Yonggui is still present。
Xia Jian glanced at Tong Jie,Whisper:“It’s hard to say now,You have the right to assume that this did not happen。Village Chief He wants to play 120 minutes,Especially during this time。You will shout again on the radio in a while,Let everyone cheer up,Never have a similar situation happen“
“Ok!I understand Mayor Xia,I know what to do“He Yonggui said cheerfully。
Xia Jian took two steps,I looked back and said to He Yonggui with a little worry:“Ask someone to help with your potato,The focus of your current work is the cultivation of the whole village,And what I just said,I can’t tell anyone,And who did I go to today,Not mentioning,Understand?”
Xia Jian finished,Take Tong Jie to the big Ben he stopped at the entrance of the village。He drove to the foot of the mountain in Hejiaping Village,Just pulled over and stopped,Then took out the phone,Called Chun Xiaomin。
One call,Xia Jian smiled and said to Qin Xiaomin:“Mayor Qin!Want you to do me a favor”
“Just tell me!What’s the matter?What are you doing”Qin Xiaomin on the phone said with a smile。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:”The potato seeds were stolen in Hejiaping Village,The hidden conspiracy behind is huge,I want you to relax,Do you use the Municipal Public Security Bureau?,Let them send someone,Can’t solve the case is another thing,I want to give some people a deterrent effect“
“This matter can’t leapfrog,Let the Pingyang Town Police Station intervene first,I’ll call Director Lei again,People don’t listen to me,That’s hard to say“Qin Xiaomin said with a sigh,After all, she is just a deputy mayor in charge of agriculture。
Hang up the phone,Xia Jiancheng called Secretary Wang of the town committee,Ask him to transfer all police officers from Pingyang Town Police Station to Hejiaping Village,To give the whole village a signal,In other words, He Wang’s family is going to fight。
When Xia Jian finishes the call,Tong Jie asked in a low voice:“Should I look for Xiong Sanqiang next??“
“Do you say this person is reliable?He used to have a deep friendship with Zhao Delin,We go find him now,Will he be bad?“Xia Jian asked worriedly。
Tong Jie looked out the car window,It’s so strange:“You changed his life,Let him have enthusiasm for working in Pingyang Town。,He is not stupid,Should be able to grasp the importance in front of the big right and wrong“
Two words from Tong Jie,Let Xia Jian’s confidence increase,He immediately started the car,Ran towards Shangxiagou Village。Halfway,Xia Jian suddenly received a call from He Yonggui from the village committee。


the other side。
Wait two days,Hu Jingliang finally waited for the call of Shisiqi。
“Hey,Good brother,it’s me,I really let you talk,Lei Zi is in the store.。”
“Didn’t find the problem?Is the store??”Hu Jingweway is tight,Ask。
“Fortunately, you remind morning,I have been withdrawn in advance.,Thunderstines did not find anything,Store is still good now,However, Leles also deliberately speaking with me.,It seems that they seem to be looking for you.,You can be careful recently.。”
Hu Jingliang,The store is fine.,As for the Leizi to find him,Two venues are connected to,He as a boss,Looking for him is affirmative,Don’t find a ghost。
Unexpectedly,Hu Jingliang is not intended,Ambient:“I know,Let you ask a lawyer, please?”
Chai Shi:“Please,Press your instructions,I have let him go to the Xicheng Branch to have seen the old Suffles.。”
Hu Jingliang asked:“How did he say?I didn’t ask for someone who sold it.?”
Chai Shi:“no,The lawyer said that he asked a circle.,No one recognizes。”
“Oh shit,Do you dare to do it??You ask a lawyer,Seeing that he still has other ways,Can help me check him。”Hu Jingliang bits teeth。
Chai Shiqi weakness:“I have already asked,Lawyers say he has no other means temporarily,The case is currently in the investigation stage.,file、Penstick,He is now free of view。
I want to know who is brought out.,Only reconnaissance end,After the case entered the stage of proceedings,He applies to see the volume can only know。”
“When can the case detect??”
“I don’t know here.,I have to watch the efficiency of the police,May soon,It may also be very slow,not sure。”
Hu Jingliang face,A little annoyed,But there is no choice but,Bite:“I see,You then stare at the case,Is there any message to inform me?。”
“Likelihood,Be careful on the road,See you again。”
Eat after lunch,Wang Flow stands on the side of the road,And Zhao Zhixi smiled and waved goodbye。
“The same to you,See you。”Zhao Zhi put his hand,Turned to open the door。
Wang flows to turn around,Ma Jiaming has driven the car to the roadside,Duan Qixi open the door,Wang traffic gave a car,Just sit down,Li Xiangtao suddenly called the phone。
The king is somewhat confused,Take a handle:“How to play again?Ali is found?”
Li Xiang Tao Road:“Not yet,Other things,Just received an invitation,ebayPresident Meg·Whitman just called,I want to talk to the company.,About you together。”
“ebay?”The king wrinkled frown,I feel this name, he used to hear it.,But I didn’t think it was.,Ask:
“Why is it??I want to talk to the company??”
“Like us,Also do e-commerce,But the market is in the United States,The scale is not bad,At present, there is a number of e-commerce companies in the United States.。
Talk about what cooperation, she is not specifically said.,But guess can also guess,E-commerce,She suddenly came to us to talk about cooperation,80% is to buy、Or invest in us,Borrow us to do pedals,forebayEnter the domestic market to make a paving。”
I remembered,ebayIndeed to do e-commerce,It seems that the past is also entered the country.……Wang traffic suddenly,I am a little funny in my heart.,His hard work e-commerce,Payment,It’s going to take off.,Now selling it to her,Let her be pedals,She is afraid, think more.?
This kind of cooperation that is not possible,Seeing her?

(This chapter is over)

NS117chapter ‘Capacity down’With past
Sunset,Original silencestrangeBut I ushered in four“uninvited guest”。
The reason why they are not fast,Not what is their kind in their visit.,Instead, it is simple to refer to a process.。certainly,For thesestrangeSmall mix,These people come here to follow‘bona fide’It is indeed a lot of relationships。
“I am a discipline!”The black child is a small blend of a group of words in a group.,Facelessly frightened,“Compared with you, you should have awareness.?”
“Discipline members?”did not expect,The unforgettable people of these armed unobility groups don’t care.,Instead, it is ironic looking,The disdain of the fund is seemingly reflected,“What is the little ghost??”
“you”Black man is furious,She most hate others say she is small.,Regardless of this‘small’What is the appearance or something else?,Once you are mentioned,Black son will be angry,What’s more, people in front of her are so disrespectful.,Immediately hand,The steel needle is brushing to flash in the hands.,I have to rush straight to them to teach them.。
“stop talking nonsense。”The Qing Palace stopped the airy black child,And Meiqin in the previous step,Two people stand side by side,Looking at those small matters,“Give me the one‘Black wife flowers’Hand over。”
Two people,The real black wife’s mouth is slightly pumping。
“Great tone。”A cold,A strong man in a black hair is coming out of the people.,Cold cold look at the Qing Palace and Meiqin,“You are disciplines?”
“You are the so-called black wife?”Qing Dynasty snort,The unconsciousness of the tone brings a murder,Light golden scorpion is indifferent to stare in front‘Black wife’,“Capricorn guy,Give me honesty!”
“Appendage?”In front of‘Black wife’One listened to this sentence,Immediate color,It seems that it is poked to the pain.,“who are you!”
“You can’t afford!”Meiqin snort,What she can’t stand the most is these mixed,When you have a handshake,The burst of a current suddenly blew,Numerous electric snakes are crazy from the hands of Meiqin,Slowing around the surrounding。
Can be at this time,Qing Palace,He is in that moment,See‘Black wife’On the face,Slaidly revealed a brisk laugh!
next moment,One thing is like a harsh sound that deep into the soul suddenly sounds,Let the head of the Qing Palace are like being hit by the heavy hammer.,Let him not help but,The whole person dizzy,The calculation in the mind is scattered in a moment.,Meiqin is also the same,The current in the original hand is directly scattered.,The rest of the current is also straight to the side of it.,There is no direction at all。And two people,Positive tap,It is directly sold.,Half of the ground。
“What is this sound?!”Meiqin biting his teeth,Guardian black child,Pad light flash,Countless currents yet,But still can’t control the direction,Besides,Even power has also dropped too much。
“Can not control it??”‘Black wife’Arrogant laugh,“Can’t think of it.?This‘Decrease in ability’(capacity down)The power is not you can imagine!”
“Sister adult!”Hezie stood up,Biting the teeth and whispered to Meiqin,“Ability is unable to use。”
“No wonder”Meiqin is dead, the more arrogant‘Black wife’,“The guy said”
“Unclear,I will even eat a big loss even.!”
“Nice thing。”Be in‘Black wife’Arrogant smile,A gently sound made his laughter suddenly,“Waiting for you to tell me about it.。”
“what?”‘Black wife’Looked up,Surprised teenager looking at white,Looking at you quietly。
“You probably don’t know.。”The forehead of the Qing Palace is slightly cold sweat,But the look is still as faint,the difference is,His light golden scorpion,Blood light flashing from time to time,“I am here‘Ability’Benefilled,This‘Decrease in ability’What is it for me?!”He bites his teeth.‘Black wife’Say,Blood color flashing,Give a inexplicable feeling of the original Wen Wenya。
“What do you know?level 5NS?”Cold and smile in the Qing Dynasty,Smile with silk brown,Once the kind of feeling seems to come again in his soul again.,I can’t help but tremble with the beautiful piano with one side.,“Your thing is broken.!”
Along with the low voice of the teenager,The invisible field is crazy in an instant,Although the size is just a third of the previous one,But do not affect it to deal with theselevel 0Unforgettable,A moment from the entire field,The loudspeaking device on the harsh car is in a moment,Even from the speaker, a faint black smoke。
indeed,exist‘Decrease in ability’In the range,The Qing Palace also has no way to ensure the number of your ability.,but,Everyone seems to forget one thing,As early as in the Qing Palacelevel 4when,His ability,Temperature control!
‘Absolute field’Release,Is no need!
An instant of noise disappears,Menqin and Black Summit feel,I have disappeared in my mind that I have disappeared in my own mind.,The calculated calculation of the chaotic is also restored.。
“now,Nauseaful things solved。”Qing Palace’s face slightly,The smile is even more cold.,“You said,How should this thing solved??Um?”As he sounds,A small mix of a little mixed on the side,Flying out,Burning a coke burning。
“Oops,Seems to you‘Decrease in ability’Very powerful。”The Qing Palace said with a smile,“My ability has no way to control the direction.,I accidentally hurt this person.,What should you do??Mr. Black?”
“What can I do?。”Just a small mixed war,A helpless male voice came from the Qing Dynasty,“Do you all get all the money??”
“Impossible!”A moment of man looking at red brown hair,Originally trembled‘Black wife’Sudden screaming,The frustration and happiness in the eyes,“You can’t live alive!”
“Snake Valley,It seems that you have fallen over these years.。”Black wife flowers to the dark hair man sitting on the ground,Sigh。
“Really can’t see it,Your heart is hidden so huge murderous.。”Slightly look at the Qing Palace,Black wife said softly,“I have seen it for a long time.。”
“Well,No la。”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,Did not answer the black wife,Turning through the native piano and black child,“How about it,Is there a good?”No one notes,The blood color in his eyes has disappeared unconsciously.。
“Um。”Meiqin nodded,“Although it is a little weak,But it is basically good.。”but,When it comes to this sentence,Her brow wrinkled slightly,Secretly looked at the Qing Palace。
Although I don’t know what happened.,However, the performance and reaction of the previous Qinggang,Do not know why,Brings a inexplicable strangeness to Meiqin,It seems that two people are completely different,That kind of shurt feeling,Really, the premiere is very sunshine.,I have been smiling,Is there a little small palace??
What have you been in the past??
“Time transit is moved。”Black wife sighs,I don’t pay attention to the snake valley slipping.,But quietly look at the Qing Palace。

“She lowered her back,Are you satisfied??”lt;/Pgt;

He holds a box,Then loosen,Unprecedented feeling comfortable,No stalemate blocking,That is like 醍醐 醍醐 top。lt;/Pgt;
“I will live well for you.,Gao Baoyi。lt;/Pgt;
Brave,Live someone。”lt;/Pgt;
NS135chapter Skills women virks no rice
Gao Bao is very polite to Cui Bo,Alienated。Cui Niang“Repentance”Be very sincere,Even Allow Gao Bo Yi to make his own mother to the family,I even give him a large part of your dowry.。lt;/Pgt;
As long as he is willing to admit a member of this homelt;/Pgt;
“Quite is not easy,Pity。”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bao is sighing,Sitting in the table before placing。lt;/Pgt;
The entry spectrum is certain,Otherwise, this will become a can’t be visible on your head.。lt;/Pgt;
But when is it?,What way,This is very difficult。lt;/Pgt;
A big event,The history book is clear and clear:Gao German,Higher ocean,Only one of the grandchildren is fast。Gao Biyi knows his pound,He as a traveler,It also stops this。lt;/Pgt;
Even Xue Yu sisters were made,Who dares to pack a high ocean??lt;/Pgt;
“In chaos,I am willing to keep the Qingming and conscience,Sometimes,People in the rivers and lakes,Be unwritten。”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Baoyi Walking Out of Sign,Twenty-three so-called“Homework”,Push-ups are doing push-ups in the yard of Fu。lt;/Pgt;
It seems quite serious。lt;/Pgt;
“answer me,What are you now??”lt;/Pgt;