Department of Correction Education, Hunan Judicial Police Vocational College: Civic Practice Reappensibility, demonstration leadership

People’s Network Changsha November 2nd to better complete the fundamental task of "Lid Tree", to train qualified preparatory police officers to the judicial administration system, Hunan Judicial Police Officer Vocational College (referred to as "Xiang Police Class") Correction Education The party’s total support will be "political leaders" stand in the heart, "Party Building First" falls in practice, consciously improve the political station, build a teacher’s soul, vigorously play organizational education, cast police soul, learning style, lead all party members Teachers and students have a strong sense of consciousness, strong college, strong action in the study, work and social services, and the banner, and teachers and students will enter, never stopped.

The awareness of the theme education, from the learning level, the extension of the exemplary role "with problems, with emotional learning" is the requirements of the Party members and students in the study of each party members and students, from "unforgettable, Keep in mind the mission "Theme Education to Party History Learning Education, every time I read the original, learn the original, write notes, talk about the experience, every party member and students are in the organization’s request, to solve the theory, do things Question, gradually consciously learning must think, learning must have a response, learned from passive, facing the agency, in-depth learning, and play a pioneer model.

"Every study is a precious opportunity, theory to improve yourself, thoughts, to spur themselves, have a consciousness and confidence in action." This is a young party teacher teacher. In order to improve the quality of the party’s class, ensure that the party’s active molecular training learning effect, correct the content of the party’s total partnership, according to the requirements of the coverage and the demand, and reasonably arrange the party membership, and investigate the students through the questionnaire. Satisfaction and actual effect. "Teacher is very passionate, explaining is also comprehensive, can serve as a party active molecule to accept the party’s knowledge learning and thought baptism, and is proud to have a serious responsibility. In future learning work, we will do our utmost to play a pioneering model. "A student who accepts training is affectionate.

In order to deepen the theoretical learning of the party’s active molecules, cultivate normalized learning habits, and the Party Group regularly organized centralized learning. Under the organization’s thoughts lead and supervision, everyone has gradually formed a good study habit and played a demonstration lead in the learning level. At the same time, in order to promote learning, strengthening identity and mission, the party is organized to organize the party members to the Party History, Lei Feng Memorial Hall, the integrity warning base, the red education base and other places to carry out practical activities, so that everyone is in real Revised the party history of the party, accept the revolutionary spiritual baptism, and feel the red gene.

Creating an excellence of excellence, playing from the work level to the fundamental mission of Lidshu people, the Party of the Correction Education Department urges all party members and teachers strong skills, improve their own quality and ability to better education In recent years, there are 4 teachers ‘party members’ demonstration post, two cultivation of pioneer projects, and set up 4 teaching competition teams taken by party members, in the national key research and development project, in the provincial and ministerial level teaching competition, attending The professional skills of the Ministry of Education have made great achievements, and they have achieved good results and played a pioneering role in teaching and student management. Total Secretary Zhang Zhen County adheres to the initial heart of the instructor. In 2019, in 2019, the Zhang Zhen County team has developed Hunan Netling Prison on the basis of exploring the development of police courses in the past eight years. The landscape of the first "prison on-site law enforcement standard".

The three results were created, filled with gaps, provided police skills training and on-site law enforcement for the prison police provided theoretical and practical guidance, providing a first reform experience in the top floor design of the future.

Party members and teachers Yang Hai Ming adhered to the counselor’s post 20 years, silently cultivated, worked hard, cultivated a batch of judicial students, this year, during the new military training, due to the continued long-term work, fatigue in work, in After a little restoration, he continued to stick to the post, and liability and responsibility of a general party member teacher.

There are still a lot of party members and teachers who are dedicated to work, and whether teachers or counselors, whether they are teaching research or management student affairs, regardless of personal or family difficult factors, they are relentless.

Under the organization of the party’s general branch, the party members and teachers have attacked difficulties in work, with the demonstration, students are also responsible for the internship work, and be brave enough to show the good image of the governor students.

In July 2020, the provinces of Jinqiang rainfall have been invaded. At that time, 26 students in the Tsuki Internship Department, facing severe flood control sites, end-critical, active, and all boys were divided into 4 groups of prisons Leadership police together fight fire in various dams, girls are ready to support.

In the face of the anti-flood protection task of the day, no one retreats, all the charges are before, "the crisis is stringing, it is the responsibility of the awareness.

"It is a belief in everyone. The students who have established a student of the Department of Correcting Education in De Mountain Prison have been demonstrated. In the internship task, where there is an intern figure. In the epidemic prevention and control, internship students join The first-line of the epidemic prevention investigation, participating in the collection and entry of nucleic acid detection information in the base residential area, and opened the prison epidemic prevention and protection mobile radio car, assisting the prison closed management, and jajou together to close the duty together.

They charged in front of them, with their body demonstration, and began to see the pioneers.

Volunteer service, playing from the service level, the party’s party general branch of the School of Model Correction Education, through organizing party members and students to carry out various volunteer service activities, deepen the ideological awareness of society and serving people, strengthen the social responsibility and mission of party members and students. Watch.

In order to carry out the normalization service, the branch set up a party member and student service team to carry out multi-to-group condolences to the retired comrades, through the form of the retired comrades, walk, read the newspapers, and physically and deal with life affairs. Retirement comrades loneliness, depressed emotions, provide the help.

In order to help family difficulties, special students such as psychological problems have become talented, smooth towards society, party members, party members, party members, one-to-help special student, 1 party member teacher helps 1 special problem student and 10 graduates, strengthen Students’ ideological and political work, learn, employment guidance, participate in academic help, life help, employment help, close home enterprises, and complete the help of more than 200 students every year. At the same time, party members teachers play professional specialties, take the initiative to serve the industry, to contribute to the social service, Jiang Siyang, Li Ruiyang, Li Rui Yang, the three teachers carrying psychological assistance during the epidemic, and the detoxification personnel will help the positive energy.

The party member teacher Xue Jian Zhou went to Shaoyang Huangmao Village in May this year to carry out two years of rural revitalization, walking every day in the field, walking the village to coordinate all kinds of issues, "Running the legs, saying dry mouth" is only to nourish one party Land, serving a party, putting its limited youth and unlimited wisdom into the first line of national rural resolution strategy.

The Department of Correction Education has given full play to the pioneering model of the party’s active molecules in the volunteer service level, and cultivates the backup power of the spiritual party.

After 2020, the epidemic in the past 2020, in order to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention, organize 175 to participate in the party to the party, and participate in the early morning and middle-end time, participate in the duty duty during the epidemic prevention and control, and 33 development objects participate in the completion of the Complement Labor and College Dragon Boat Festival. The voluntary blood donation activities are on duty, and assist the Department and the college to complete the graduates to return to school safety inspections, escort the students’ safety back to school. On the eve of the Qingming this year, organized the police professional students to go to the Hunan Revolutionary Cemetery to sweep their own, solemnly swear in front of the monument, cleaning the martyrs, the cemetery and the square area.

"It is the first servant in the martyrs, and I will forget to die. I have the country’s rich and the happiness of the people. As a police school, I have to bear the responsibility of the shoulder, I will always remember the history, I don’t forget the initial heart, and I will go forward." One student was deeply thoughtful and emotionally. In addition, there are also civil code propaganda, anti-drug propaganda, "Sanxiang" practice activities and various volunteer duty, and the students of the Correction Education Department under the leadership of the party’s general support, the pace of service of others, the pace of service society is more likely I took the party’s glorious banner, and I also took a responsibility for the awareness. The total number of correction education students will continue to win the school-level advanced grassroots party organization in the past two years, and the Party Branch of the Correction Education Department will continue to play the role of party building, based on learning and repairing the party, based on work training, based on service, stronger, lead the whole Party members and students work together. (Yang Yang, Peng Wei) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Ying Bing) Sharing Let more people see client download.