American media articles: Climate diplomacy must take into account the history of history (3)

However, sugar, coffee, cocoa, tobacco and cotton production have increased significantly from a few centuries of commodity wealth, and people come from Africa.

The unexpected wealth caused by their sweat and blood changed the European economy, and in fact changed the life on this continent, which is still greatly underestimated and ignored. Ignore the consequences of African in order to let the world can continue to survive, need to put the Africans and these serious historical incidents, the climate diplomacy has not done at all.

On the contrary, Africans have been crowded in the edge of the "United Nations Framework Convention on the Framework of the United Nations, in Glasgow," COP26), while other countries, especially European countries, will be left and right from mining Africa Oil and natural gas to protect the future of Africa’s forests and wetlands. Western cannot focus on China and India with its climate priority consideration.

At the same time, most of Africa’s huge hydrocarbon reserves may be able to stay in underground or seabed, thereby cutting off important income sources of many poor countries. But the West cannot tell Africans, they must curled up in the dark world without power supply, and never use modern transportation methods.

It doesn’t make the population of 3 billion to 5 billion in the end of this century. African national governments may relatively unable to resist everyone to make the most sacrifice for climate issues, but this does not mean that African people will passively accept this fate.

Unless they are resolutely considering their destiny, they will leave Africa, and this immigrant wave will make all immigration activities that humans have seen before. This is true of our era, and is still unrecognized.