Buy ¥ 849 Biquan Air Hot Spring Hotel Deluxe Spa Room 1 night with pool double unlimited hot spring

Buy ¥ 849 Biquan Air Hot Spring Hotel Deluxe Spa Room 1 night with pool double unlimited hot spring

Conghua has always been known as a hot spring, and nowadays it has become a popular holiday choice with a focus on leisure and health.

The exterior of the Biquan Sky Hot Spring Hotel is close to the center of the hot spring tourist area. It is surrounded by the beautiful Liuxi River and accompanied by the green hills. With its unique “air hot spring” and open-air hardware facilities, it will help the tourists to clean up the bustling city.With tiredness.

Comfortable and elegant, home hot springs, private and large space interlaced with simple and elegant corridors, open the living room, the bright light makes people shine, the space-level duplex suite, temperament and taste.

A selection of homes creates an elegant setting with soft couches for a comfortable dream.

Walk into the viewing balcony and enjoy the wide view, optimistic about the mountains and the water, and feel the natural scenery.

There is also a hot spring on the balcony. The hot spring water is warm, the warmth is flowing, the tiredness is exhausted, and the beauty and hot spring water are enjoyed.

Interesting health, full-featured and comfortable hot spring experience In Conghua, the story of hot springs was circulated in the early days. The first people praised the natural beauty and brought the health benefits of hot springs.

Relying on the local deep hot spring culture, and dating the new concept of Japanese hot springs, we will create a fun sky garden hot spring to achieve a seamless blend of natural landscape and hot spring.

Large aerial hot springs allow you to breathe in natural fresh air without any barriers, enjoying the vastness of the sky and the coolness of the breeze.

Naturally beautiful, close to the eyes, enjoy the distance and enjoy the infinite scenery.

The hotel takes the story of Conghua Hot Spring legend “Xianguo” as a clue, and takes “Tianji” natural therapy as the core function of the hot spring. It combines modern concepts to create a healthy paradise with easy and pleasant health and deep health. Let you enjoy Conghua Hot
Soak the warm heart hot spring water, think about the ancient and modern legends, enjoy the steaming simmer in the natural wind, let go of the soul, let the natural landscape and natural spring water wash your tiredness.



Come to the energy rest area. The hotel has an energy rest area with various themes and functions. If the aerial hot springs are compared to the rich hot spring “feast”, this is the “delicious snack” that people expect after the “feast”.

The Health Energy Field consists of the Salt Heat Palace, Caihui Palace, Yaozhe Palace, Mine Heat Palace, Le Warm Palace, and the six major areas of the Antarctic Palace. Based on hyperthermia, combined with color therapy, salt therapy, medical therapy, and hot and cold therapy.Various treatments such as sleep therapy, using lighting and other effects, create a different theme space with traditional rock bath and rest area.

Fully equipped, laid-back, comfortable and comfortable, with a comfortable and convenient holiday environment, what is the point?

I don’t think that you can satisfy the needs of “clothing, food, housing and transportation” without leaving your home. The Biquan Sky Hot Spring Hotel has all kinds of facilities such as karaoke, sauna, mahjong room, tourist guide, shopping mall, etc., full of carnival.

Located in the lounge area on the 3rd floor of the hotel, the “Eat Bar” offers a variety of snacks, freshly squeezed juices, noodles, etc. It is a good place for your leisure and holiday.

After soaking up the hot springs, the physiology is comfortable, but the stomach is not satisfied?

If you are hungry, you can come here to enjoy your meal and enjoy a delicious health meal or a sumptuous buffet cooked by the hotel chef.

A plate of cherished and beautiful eyes, whether it is raw seafood, or exquisite hot dishes, can make your lips and teeth leave a lingering, delicate aftertaste.