Sometimes lying is a virtue of love

Sometimes lying is a virtue of love

A hot post burst on the forum.

The female poster revealed that her husband, who is a fund manager, recruited prostitutes.

What is outrageous is that when she found clues and asked her husband for evidence, he didn’t have any resistance to overcome, yes, this is how I decompressed. I never thought I would hide it from you, let alone correct it. If you canAccept, we will continue, I cannot say I can only say that I am sorry.

  This is a real man. He has forgotten the shameless wording.

  A girlfriend’s boyfriend was cheating on her and was found twice by her.

For the third time, her boyfriend begged her again for forgiveness, saying that Moumou also carried his wife on a date with his ex-girlfriend, but was not found to be lying or covering up.

“I am just too honest.

“When he said the last sentence, he was almost smug.

However, it is also this last sentence that makes his girlfriend completely disheartened about this man.

“If you steal it, please wipe your mouth clean, otherwise I will seriously question your character and ability!

“This is the breakup message that the girlfriend left for that man.

  In the relationship between men and women, “honesty” is definitely not a virtue, especially when you know that the truth is a knife, but you have to blaze at each other.

Anyway, I already bought the knife, and hid it, and I cut my hand, and I stabbed it to you. If you can live, it is your life. If you ca n’t live, you can only blame your inability.Blow again “.

Such honesty is a thorough selfishness and shame, and even a conspiracy from a certain perspective.

  Men want to steal love by themselves. The reason why most people still choose to be good husbands is not because they have high moral qualities, but not because they have limited mental capacity.

They knew very well that after the love, facing the woman who loved him at home, their conscience would be bitten by the dog, it would hurt, they would regret it, and they would feel depressed.

One day the truth was concealed, and his guilt was intense.

When he tells the truth, he actually throws the ball completely to the opponent.

The woman cried and made a fortune. Most of the time, she would forgive her life pressure or emotional needs.

At this time, the honest man raised his eyebrows and exhaled, and no longer needed to be condemned by his own conscience. When the woman revisited the old things, he would be impatient: “I told you, what else do you want?

“Yes, people have already confessed, can you still be lenient?

However, facing a man who has been having an affair, as long as you still love him, it is absolutely impossible for him to confess and you will be fine.

Numerous midnight dreams, painful, unable to breathe, but the man beside him fell asleep like a pig, so sweet and sour.

  Many times, we reject some men’s hypocrisy and dishonesty, thinking that they keep their private life secretive just to fear trouble for themselves, but ignore the fact that secretive life is the most important love virtue, and they often need to be forced to lie when they want to be secretive.

When a woman repeatedly asks, a man’s silence can only make her crazy, so he will say that I only love you, I have absolutely nothing to do with others, please believe my innocence.

Regardless of the facts, please be grateful to these gentle words of men.

No one is happy to lie, not to mention it is easy to lie once, and it is difficult to lie for a lifetime.

He lies, in addition to his instinctual self-protection, but also instinctively does not want to hurt others, because he does not want to lose, or even must lose, and do not embarrass each other too much.

  It is unpredictable that no one can be 100% sure that he will not carry the passion of his partner and others in his life.

However, if he still loves you and has some pity for you, at least you should be sure that he will use life to guard that secret.

  ”I clearly feel that he must be okay, but he lied so much that he really dare not do it!

“This kind of blame is not due to the reasoning that rational substitution started with curiosity. You didn’t even think about it at all. If he said that we went to bed, it felt pretty good. You can take care of it.

Next, how do you clean up the mess?

Women often do not know the lethality of the truth until they know the truth by all means, and they regret it inexhaustibly.

Indeed, what can I do if I know?

Maybe he is just impulsive and has no love for that woman at all, or maybe you are weak and have no ability to leave him.

He tells the truth, that is, handing the rope to your hand, you hit him, and your heart hurts, because you still love him; if you don’t click him, you can only grab yourself.

  Think about it this way, the lie almost became sunny.Whatever happens to him, if he is willing to lie, at least it shows that there is hope in your relationship.

To love someone, you should be secretive about her, or, even if there is no love between each other, at least there are lies.

Lies represent a kind of pity, and for a pair of men and women who are no longer passion, pity is the most important bond to maintain the relationship.

If he is not willing to lie, he can only show that there is nothing between you.

When such a man does not leave now, when will he stay?

  When you have doubts and intuitions in your heart, it is certainly right to ask him for testimony.

However, don’t expect the truth to come from this verification.

You just testify to get his attitude.

If he is willing to speak sweet words to comfort you, at least it means that he doesn’t want to leave you.

At this time, no matter what has happened, you may be able to redeem it with stronger love.

  Try to avoid splits, in case the splits must not let the other party know.

This is the rule of love.

The truth is not important, what is important is the rules.

Do not force a man to have to tell the truth. At that time, with the truth, the rules have been broken. If you want to recover, the project will be big.