Recommended baby growth games for the 25th to 30th month

Recommended baby growth games for the 25th to 30th month

2 years old is a turning point in psychological and language development, and it is also a critical stage.

Babies in this period have basically become a variety of psychological characteristics of adults.

Imagination has developed.

For example, he held a dripping towel and said that it was raining, which was guided by the action to create a new image.

However, the purpose of the child’s imagination at this time is not clear. For some, he is drawing, but he may not know that he wants to paint something.

At this time, you can guide him with words: “It’s good, the baby has drawn a child.

“When he listened, he felt that he was painting children.

You can also provide him with different toys and participate in his games to enrich the plot.

For example, throwing an airplane to play, at first he may only be satisfied with the action of throwing, if you prompt him “the plane has flown to Beijing, the plane has landed”, he will have a happier time.

  Oral language has developed rapidly.

You should always take your child to the park to play, admire flowers, birds, fish and insects, feel the changes of the four seasons, and talk to your children in specific situations.

You can often read him rhymes and tell alternative stories.

These are all good ways to improve your child’s language skills.

  At this time, the baby is gradually becoming independent, but at the same time, it needs special caress from parents.

If you don’t play with him, he will feel left out and will intentionally interrupt his parents’ personality.

Sometimes he coquettishly with his mother, and some hug her tightly, expressing her love for her mother and hoping to get love from her mother.

  Children want to play with their friends, but they will not cooperate with others.

Moreover, he often snatches other people’s toys without saying hello, so the conflict is gradual.

  Model baby: Chen Yan girl, 2 years and 1 month.

  Height: 94 cm; weight 13 kg.

  Yanyan will now dress herself, wear shoes, go to the bathroom, wash her face and brush her teeth, and put the changed clothes in the washing machine.

She will help us with some housework. Sometimes she wipes the table like an adult and says, “Mom, I cleaned the table and we should eat.

“After eating, she will wipe the floor and say,” Mom, let me wipe it, you can sit down. ”

“Sometimes she combed her hair and wiped her feet.

When she saw me playing with her, she bravely said to her, “Big ghost, don’t bite my mother, come and bit me!

“Happy mother: The immature figure and sweet voice of Yan Huaying’s daughter brought tremendous joy to our family and made me happy, proud and happy as a mother.”

We bring our daughters to grow up healthily in happiness and experience love and be loved in growth.

May our little angels bring happiness to everyone, know how to pursue, understand life, and fly freely in their ideal sky.

  1I say you do you say some words that show actions or expressions and let the baby do the actions.

For example, you say “comb your hair”, “fly a plane”, “laugh”, “cry”, “run”, “jump”, “sing” and let your baby make corresponding actions or expressions.

You can also make actions or expressions to let your baby say the corresponding phrase.

This game allows your baby to better understand language and express it with physical movements.

  2Speak quietly Put your index finger on your lips, “Shh-let’s talk quietly.

“Then you point your mouth at your baby’s ear and whisper a secret to him.

Then ask your baby to tell you a “secret” in this special way.

You can deliberately say, “Mom’s ears are so itchy, like a little bug crawling.

“This will make the baby feel novel.

This game can increase your baby’s interest in learning languages, and also exercise his ability to pay attention to listening to others.   3 Retelling Sentences You say some simple sentences and let your baby repeat them.

Such as “the sun is out”, “the kitten is asleep”, “the car is coming” and so on.

As your baby’s language skills improve, you can gradually increase the score of the sentence.

This game helps to improve your baby’s speaking skills.

  4Identify items When you take your baby to the mall, supermarket, or park, you can let your baby identify something.

Especially when you encounter items that your baby hasn’t seen before, you can teach him to recognize them and talk about them.

It’s best to enlighten him with questions: “What’s this?

“But be careful not to recognize too much at once.

Children are often interested in new things, so they remember to recover and stay firmer.