Mr. Li touched his bald head and said:“How about this!You take out one hundred thousand,Donate to your hometown,It’s too little to be laughed at。Not to mention that I am not bad for this money”

“Good manager Li,I will do it now,Must hurry before this event,Otherwise it will be difficult to handle it late,What do you say?”Wang Youcai said eagerly,After all, this is donating to my hometown。
President Li nodded and said:“You go and get this done now,It’s best to get a ticket,If you can’t get the ticket, you have to get a receipt.,Where is the financial accounting”
“Ok,I am leaving”Wang Youcai stood up,Turn around and walk out。He has a good plan,The bank does not rest at noon anyway。
Ni Xiaoli glanced at Wang Youcai, who came out of Li’s office.,This girl has returned to normal,She said with a smile:“Manager Wang is leaving?”
“Correct!I’ll do something,You make another cup of tea for Mr. Li!Wang Youcai said deliberately。
Listen to Ni Xiaoli,His face instantly turned red。Wang Youcai takes a look,He is more convinced,This girl has a kick with President Li。He shook his head while walking,I can’t help but admire President Li’s methods。
To withdraw 100,000 yuan from the Agricultural Bank of China,Because there is no advance appointment,They won’t mention it to him,Wang Youcai was angry for a while,I personally found the president,In the end he said that the money was used in the disaster area。President helpless,I asked Wang Youcai to mention this。
It’s a coincidence,Wang Youcai just came out of the bank door,I saw Ouyang Hong who was waiting for the bus across the road at a glance,He rushed over in two steps,Asked with a smile:“Mayor Ouyang,Where is this going?I have something to find you”
Ouyang Hong was taken aback,She never expected,The person calling her turned out to be Wang Youcai。She smiled and said:“What are you looking for?Is it private or official,If you are in business, go to the town to find other leaders”
“What’s private,Let’s find a place to sit down,It’s noon, it’s better to have a meal together,Let me talk to you about a good thing that benefits the country and the people”Wang Youcai said,Glanced at the watch。
Ouyang Hong stayed in Pingyang Town for not one or two days,She knows Wang Youcai very well,So she smiled and said:“Just eat,I have to go home to cook,Tell me what you need!”
“What are you afraid of!I will not eat you,Our company wants to donate a relief fund to Pingyang Town,Forget it if you are busy,I’ll leave it to the city government to allocate it!”Wang Youcai said,Intentionally turn around,Ready to go。