The political guarantee of the new era, you know together

  [This topic] The political guarantee of the new era knows that you will know [President guest] Huang Xianghuai, Ph.D. Political Science, Secretary-General of the National High-end Wiskin Academic Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Long-term focus on the party’s construction, China’s political research and interpretation work, published many research results.

  [Text Record] (1) You and I know a strong party to China’s strong leadership of China. It is a successful socialism in the new era, and the political guarantee, leadership guarantee, and organizational guarantee. We are deeply recognized that "doing China’s things, the key in the party", so it always emphasizes to strengthen and improve the leadership of the party, emphasize that "the governing the country must first rule the party, the party must be strict." Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the new situation has put forward new and higher requirements to the party’s construction. China is powered by the big country, must be presumed and guaranteed by the Chinese Communist Party by the Great Party. Carry out great struggle, develop great cause, achieve great dreams, are not allowed to open the great project of the party’s construction.

As the 19th National Report, "great struggle, great project, great career, great dream, close contact, mutual penetration, interaction, and the decisive role is the new great project of the party’s construction.

"In particular, the international and domestic situation enters new complex stages, and various development tasks are diverse, and various struggles are mixed. Various desires are complicated with vertical and horizontal, which requires the party to play a strong leadership core role, more need the party The central government is responsible for the leadership of the whole party. Adhere to the party’s leadership of all work, comprehensively promote the in-depth advancement of the party, so that the leadership and leading role of the party will further demonstrate the party’s leadership and leading role.

  (2) You and I know, I have a summary and summary of the major achievements of the Templer’s report from the 1998 reports in the 19th National Report. He pointed out: "For five years, we have courageous to face the major risks of the party and the outstanding problems in the party, with tenacious will quality, anti-corruption, eliminating the serious hidden dangers in the party and the country, the party The internal government’s life meteorological update, the party’s political ecology is obviously improved, the party’s creativity, cohesiveness, combat power is significantly increased, the party’s unity and unity are more consolidated, the party group relationship is significantly improved, the party is more strong in revolutionary forging, glow new Strong vitality, providing strong political guarantees for the development of party and national undertakings.

"According to the data disclosed in the Central Commission, in the past five years, the national discipline inspection and supervision organs have a total of thousands of people, suspected of criminally transferred to 10,000 people handled by the judiciary.

The case reviewed the party members and cadres of the provincial military level and 440 cadres cadres, including 43 of the 18th Central Committee, 43 Alternate Central Committee and 9 members of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. More than 8,900 people in the discipline department, and the county-level cadres are in the county. Resolutely rectify the corruption around the masses, a total of thousands of party members and cadres. This is a "tiger" "shooting fly" to fully launched. At the same time, in the "hunting fox", we will promote anti-corruption international pursuit, and recover 3,453 people in the country, among which 48 have set out online and have achieved results.

The 19th National Congress pointed out that the goal of dare not dare to implement, the smashed the cage, the more wearing the dam, the damn dam, anti-corruption struggle, has formed and consolidated. Since the 18th National Congress, what is the party’s party center, who is the core of Xi Jinping? In the 19th National Report, General Secretary Xi Jinping also made a profound explanation of this issue.

He tells us: "History has also continued to prove that there is no leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, and the national rejuvenation is inevitable. Our party must always become a pioneer, national spine, and always become a Marxist ruling party, it must always be too hard.

"So, how can we make our party yourself too hard? General Secretary Xi Jinping said:" The whole party must be more consciously firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly determine the party’s principles, dare to scrape the bones, eliminate all the advanced and purity of the party Factors, clearing all viruses that erodes the party’s healthy body, continuously enhance the party’s political leadership, thoughts lead power, the masses are organized, social appeal to ensure that our party will always prosper and strong combat power. "(3) You and I know that the Chinese Communist Party must be more strong and strong, and the relationship between China’s characteristic socialism is strictly governed. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out:" The socialism with Chinese characteristics enters the new era, our party must There is a new weather. Irrigation must be hard.

The party must unite the lead the people to carry out the great struggle, promote the great cause, achieve great dreams, must not shake and improve the party’s leadership, and do not shake the party building more strong and powerful.

"Take the party building more strong and powerful, difficult to solve deep contradictions and problems, the self-revolution, from severely control the party, is the most vivid quality of the Chinese Communist Party.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Party For example, in the work style, the behavior of the surface is regulated, converge, but the deep inner attitude of deep level cannot be said to be very solved.

In the construction of party style and clean government, some people converge, they closed their hands, but at the same time, the enthusiasm of business entrepreneurship decreased varying degrees. In the ideology issue, some unified calibers and attitudes can be kept, but they can’t be said that they have been well improved on the depths and work skills. Next, after the 19th National Congress, these contradictions and problems need to be effectively resolved. Putting the party building more strong and powerful, focusing on grasping the characteristics of work and the Chinese Communists are both great idealists, and they are also great rationalists. They emphasize the truthfulness, and emphasize respect the law, and believe that only follows The solids above the rules make sense, and can achieve long-term sustained performance. Consolidating the establishment of the party’s 18th National Congress, and arranges the work of the Tenth Parthen, it needs to be more focused on grasp the regularity, reflecting the nature, and enhances creativity in party building.

How to strengthen the party’s construction under a new globalization, how to strengthen the party’s construction in a big data and artificial intelligence, how to "boldly use people" on the "strict management", how to promote national governance At the same time, the modernization is also synchronized in the spiritual level, how to do a good job in doing a good job in doing a good job in building a "branch in the village" work, "Branch is built online" work, etc. These are not only more courage, but also need greater wisdom.

Therefore, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the whole party must "adhere to the problem-oriented, maintain a strategic and competent, and promote the comprehensive development of strict treatment of the party to the deep development of the country, and make more scientific, more strict, more effective" from the strict treatment of the party.

  Comprehensively from the strict governance party is always on the road, to do "three can’t have": can’t be almost, the thoughts, the idea of ??resting the feet, can’t have a good idea, I can’t have a new achievement See the idea to see it.

It is required to perseverance, good, good, and do "four more": twisted the screws of the party to the party, and make more scientific and strict, more strict, more effective, and promote comprehensive from stricting party’s screws. The governing party has developed in depth.