The Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission launched the "central enterprise service month" activities in the second half of 2021

Talking with the Sino-Nuclear Group (Southwest) Market Development Department, on October 12-13, the Autonomous Region Development Reform Commission Party Member, Deputy Director Mo Zefeng led to China Huaneng Group, Guangxi Branch, Guangxi Gui-crown Electric Power Co., Ltd., Huadian Guangxi Energy Co., Ltd. Service activity.

This event mainly passes through the form of enterprises, field investigation, discussions such as exchanges and other forms, and understands the implementation of the autonomous regional people’s government and the central enterprise cooperation agreement, signing the project proposal and listening to the suggestion of central enterprises, guiding and helping the company coordinates the practical difficulties and problems. At the same time, interpret the company and promote the latest policies of national coal energy insurance preservation, ecological environment protection, coal-fired power generation price, etc., and continuously improve the quality of central enterprises.

Mo Zigong stressed that all office banks must firmly establish the service concept, take the initiative to serve the "Central Enterprise Service Month" activities as the starting point, timely master the needs of the company, optimize the quality of service, accurate and efficient help enterprises to solve difficulties, and efforts The project landing and corporate development will escort. Comrades from the Development and Reform Commission in the Autonomous Region. (Lin Guojun) Source: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission website (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Zhou Yule) sharing makes more people to see.