Digital empowerment Zhejiang Anji "unlock" "two mountains" transform new channel

Shen Mingquan, secretary of Anji County Party Committee, said that digital empowerment has become "two mountains" to transform new powerful engines. In Tianchangping Town Yu Village, every household is posted two-dimensional code, the tourists can go to the "two mountain excellent products" platform, which can see the basic information of the villagers, and can also see the home agricultural products uploaded by the villagers. , Handicrafts, etc., you can purchase it directly.

"By using big data and block chain technology, the villagers have built a trading platform, and the whole process of the product can be traced back, let visitors have fun.

Yang Wei, general manager of Anji News Group, the participating platform, introduced that "Two Mountain Excellent Products" has been promoted to Anjiquan County. The two mountain conversion digital students established in December last year continued to focus "two mountains" conversion process Digital proposition, providing professional top-level design, data mining, topic research, etc., continuously promotes the digital transformation of Anji government and green smart city construction. On the forum, Anji released the first district-level national standard of Zhejiang Province "data management ability maturity Evaluation model "DCMM application results. DCMM is the first national standard in my country’s data management field, the application implementation of this standard can help local government authorities to build government governance systems, enhance government governance, and further promote government digital transformation.

Next, we will optimize the construction of DCMM maturity model, continuously optimize the construction of data management capacity system, improve data management level, help Anji government’s digital transformation, green smart city construction, new era ‘two mountain’ test area construction, become the leading in the country ‘Two mountain conversion’ digital template. Zhang Jianyong, deputy director of the Anji County Data Development Administration, said.