4 "inner ghost" pulling 2 tons of metal materials in the middle of the night

Modern Express News (Correspondent Li Wei Nan Yu reporter Mao Xiaohua) Originally, the material distributors, quality inspectors, and warehouse administrators mutually supervised each other have never thought of being united to unite and supervise theft, and the drivers in the same factories will be worth it. Two tons of metal materials in the two tons of metal materials. The Modern Express reporter learned that after receiving the alarm, Jiang Yan police quickly locked the suspect and arrested 4 people. At 2 o’clock on October 3, Mr. Sun went to Jiangyan Public Security Organs to alarm, saying that the factory has a batch of metal materials and a total value worth more than 200,000 yuan. After receiving the report, the police of the Sanshui Police Station quickly carried out investigating and evidence collection. It is understood that when the factory employee in the morning, when the goods were in the warehouse, they found that there were about 2 tons of metal materials from flying. Since this material is to be transported to the field processing, if you do not find the following delivery, Mr. Sun is very anxious. After investigation, the case warehouse was managed by a dedicated warehouse, and only the materials that the material distributor issued by the material distributor can take the material from the warehouse, whereby the police should be "inner ghost". By applying public video and visits, the police finally discovered and locked four criminal suspects, Guo, Lu and Xia, and first arrested four people.

After the trial, Qian and others confessed to the criminal facts of the partnership. After investigation, 4 people are factory employees, at 10:00 pm on September 30, the material distributor Qianmou, the quality inspectors Luo, the finished warehouse administrator Guo Mou three people according to the plan, secretly sneak into the raw material warehouse, stealing the welding belt, flow Metal raw materials such as strips, followed by the factory driver Xia to operate the metal material. Because I was worried that the leadership of the factory, the three have always been stolen in the warehouse in Luo’s home, and it is not intensified that the future will be captured by the police. At present, four people involved in Qianmou, Guo have been involved in criminal compulsory measures by Jiangyan police for suspected theft, and the case is under further investigation. related suggestion.