Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department, Shandong Weihai Municipal Committee, Director Zhang Ruiying, Director of the Municipal Civilization Office: Inheriting the red gene, and the spiritual blood of the Communist Party

2021-07-30 Weihai Daily, a large number of revolutionary martyrs, heroes and advanced models for liberation, the development of the cause, and write the magnificent epic in the gas mountain river, build the spiritual spectrum of the Communists, must be careful, .

  As an important source of red Jiaodong, this year, Weihai City system excavates red resources, carefully produces "Weihai Red Gene Motus", and creates a large-scale symphony song "Chinese spirit", long report literature "Falun Fang Fei" and "Lifetian" A number of literary boutiques, etc., etc. And produce video learning materials in Jiaodong (Weihai) red blot show, driving red education to the grassroots by "sending + preaching", and is fully affirmed by all sections.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping celebrated the important speech at the 100th Anniversary Conference of the Communist Party of China, and issued a mobilization order of the era of resurrection and continuous struggle, put forward the clear requirements of the inheritance to promote the spirit of the great borders.

We must deepen the spirit of the "July 1", General Secretary, General Secretary, Take the Party History, Taking Party History and Education as an Opportunity, Unexpectedly, Solver, Optimization Improve Patriotism Education Base, Party Education Base, Overall National Safety View Education Base, etc. Exhibition hall facilities, continue to do a good job in red literary and artistic creation, innovate red resource tourism research activities, and continue to do a good job in red culture publicity and education.

It is necessary to highlight the key group of youth, promote the red culture into the class, into the new media, enter the tourist route, use your youth to hear the form, and do a good job of "Hope Project" in the Red Education.