TCM Syndrome Analysis

TCM Syndrome Analysis

Yellow greasy moss: The tongue is yellow and sticky with moss, and the particles are tightly sticky. Add yellow powder to coat the tongue.

  Main diseases and related research: Yellow greasy moss is formed by the intersection of evil heat and phlegm saliva.

Yellow fur is hot, greasy is wet, sputum, and food stagnation.

  The main diseases of yellow greasy moss: the main symptoms of damp heat accumulation, phlegm drinking heat or food stagnation, etc .; also the main symptoms of summer heat, damp temperature and so on.

Governance Xuan Qingre, dampness, expectorant.

  In addition, identify yellow greasy fur; should also pay attention to the combination of tongue quality.

  -If the tongue is light red and the yellow moss is covered on the tongue surface, the moss is moist and not dry; the tip is also white moss, which is caused by the heat of the external evil and enters the stomach of Yangming.

The main disease, heat-entering yang syndrome, dampness-heat syndrome of qi, liver and gallbladder disease and urinary tract infection, various fever diseases.

Expelling heat and detoxification, dredge the surface.

  -If the red tongue, yellow greasy moss, medium thick and thin edges, tight and delicate, especially the roots, they are often caused by hot sputum, or wet evil into the heat, or warm evil caused by perfusion, not yet existed untilYangming is dry.

  -If the tongue color is dark red, it is a time when the camp is hot; the main disease;

Moderate coke dampness; gastrointestinal hangover.

Expelling heat and dampness, cleaning and guiding stagnation.

  -If the purple tongue, grayish yellow thick moss is moist but not dry, it is a mixture of cold and heat, when the heat is from cold to cold, or when the cold from heat is critical, mostly because the fever does not heal, the heart yang dies, and the sputum is tired for a long timeUnhealed, feeling external evils, entering into the heat; midsummer hot, cold food and cold chills; Yin Sheng in the inside, forced the heat to float; there is blood stasis in the body.

I also feel the heat of evil; therefore, the main illness is true winter holiday fever, heart and kidney yang failure, cholera vomiting and diarrhea, suffering from various syndromes.

Expelling temperature and warming the heart and kidney, returning to the sun to rescue Ying; clearing the heat of the pool; promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

  -If the tongue is dark, yellow and greasy, the tongue is fat, and the tongue is covered with yellow fur.

With white moss and thick middle roots, its color is yellow and thick, its formation can be caused by Yin syndrome and central food, due to phlegm dampness and internal depression, due to cold and evil stagnation, due to wet food block, middle focus, qi and blood depression,There is also evidence of damp-heat and gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Expelling Wenyang Jianpi, promoting blood circulation and eliminating product.

  Clinically more common in acute and chronic chronic inflammation.

Tongue picture of patients with cholecystitis and uremia.

  Such tongue-like patients are generally more complicated, and treatment should be based on syndrome differentiation.

  Normal people have a thin layer of white moss on their tongues, called tongue moss.

The tongue coating is yellow and thick and greasy, mostly with phlegm, food or damp heat.

Tongue coating is yellow and smooth, which is a manifestation of yang deficiency.


Yellow and greasy tongue coating is not necessarily hot and humid 2.

Treatment of yellow greasy tongue fur-Yellow greasy tongue fur is not necessarily hot and humid. It is clinically known to have yellow greasy tongue fur. It can be identified by damp heat and treated by clearing.

Few people know about the dampness caused by the deficiency of qi deficiency.

Let’s take a medical treatment of Mr. Zhang Shuzheng.

Think for doctors.

May be supplemented clinically.

  Yellow thick greasy moss is not necessarily empirical evidence of dampness and heat. Among them, there is also a deficiency of qi deficiency due to loss of dampness. Some patients with yellow greasy thick moss have ordinary tongues, smooth mouth, bitter chest and abdomen, and bloating., Huanghuang, etc., seem to be empirical. Medical atractylodes, Magnolia officinalis, 芩, Lian, car, and other bitter cold and wet medicine for several months, the moss is still as it is;, Fat tongue, cracks in yellow greasy fur, chest and abdomen swell, happy temperature.

The stools were changed to Bu Zhong Yi Qi, Xiangsha Liujun, and other treatments. The chest and abdomen were comfortable after taking the medicine, and the moss gradually became gradual.

  Yellow and greasy tongue coating-Treatment of yellow and greasy tongue coating, often dry mouth, tooth marks on the edge of the tongue, five upset and hot, red tongue and less coating, pulse count.

Expelling: Nourishing Yin and lowering fire.

Can be taken: Zhibai Dihuang Wan, Dabuyin Wan, Liuwei Dihuang Wan, etc.

  Symptoms of yellow tongue and greasy tongue caused by first wet cold: Symptoms occur in summer, scaly body sweating, but sweating is not smooth, body heat is not high, body weight is tired, dizziness, severe pain, or nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, yellow phlegm, and chest tightnessNausea, short, red urine, yellow greasy tongue coating, pulse count.  Governing Law: Qingshu Qushi solution table.

  Recipe: Xinjiaxiang tincture.

  The recipe is based on sweating of citron; honeysuckle and forsythia are cold and cooling; Magnolia officinalis, lentils and Sinochem are damp.

The summer heat is too strong, add Coptis chinensis, Artemisia annua, fresh lotus leaves, fresh reed roots to relieve heat in the summer; Wet sleepy watch, less weight and sweat, add clear bean roll, ageratum, Pelan aroma wet declaration; short urineRed, plus Liuyi San, Red Poria is hot and damp.

  For those who have a first wet or cold and have both coke symptoms, you can use the medicine Xiangxiang Zhengqi Pills (tablets, water, soft capsules).