Vitality patients need to do some work

Vitality patients need to do some work

For a vicious vitiligo disease, whether it is a vitiligo patient or an ordinary person, it is highly aware of it, which is the common performance of each of us responsible for our own health.

For those patients who are suffering from the ruthless vitiligo, if they can pay attention to the health care work, it will greatly promote the treatment of vitiligo.

First, strengthen your own recuperation and maintain optimism.

The duality of emotional impact Our quality of life or work efficiency has a great impact on our health.

Emotional ups and downs or long-term negative psychology can promote the onset of vitiligo, because it will consume a lot of tyrosine in the body.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the adjustment of our own mentality when we consider it comprehensively. If we encounter unhappy things, we must learn to solve them in time, or transfer our attention. We must not bury these bad emotions in our hearts.

The first is to avoid contact with phenols and phenolic compounds.

The nature of the work of many people determines that they should be exposed to such substances frequently, but these are very harmful to our skin, which is not conducive to the rapid improvement of white spots.

Therefore, when we receive treatment, we can temporarily stop the work of disposal, or pay attention to the progress of labor protection, and pay more attention to the standardization of operation, and do not increase the invasion of vitiligo treatment because of temporary mistakes.

Avoid contact with gasoline or paint even in your daily life.

Finally travel to pay attention.

This should be very concerned when the sun is strong. The intensity of ultraviolet radiation is large. If you receive excessive radiation, the melanocytes in the body will be in a state of hyperactivity. If it continues, it will lead to the early disappearance of melanocytes and the spread of white spots.

Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of sun protection before going out.

In fact, vitiligo is not as terrible as we think. If we can strengthen our confidence and do daily care, timely treatment can be cured.