this is《New York Times》To Ford·Car owner Henry·Ford interview。

“I can not understandAMCSalary requirements of workers,as far as I know,AMCOf workers’ salaries are already relatively high,Their benefits are counted in the entire industrial manufacturing industry,Like Welch said,If they propose5%、10%even20%Salary increase request,I can understand,butAMCProposed by the workers’ union100%Salary increase request,I can’t understand,I also imagine how they made such a request……”
When asked by reporters how to treatAMCWhen the workers went on strike,Facing the camera,Chrysler CEO Lee·Said Iacocca。
“I feelAMCThere is absolutely no reason for the strike of the workers。”this is《Wall Street Journal》To Chase Bank CEO Michael·When Kuhn conducted an interview,Michael·Kuhn’s attitude。
Almost all the entrepreneurs interviewed are on Chen Geng’s side,Even ifAMCCompetitors are no exception,This time they stood by Chen Genghe with a clear-cut standAMCCar side,Like Lee·Alcoca,It’s not that he intends to fight Chen Genghua as a jade silk,But what the union did this time is really disgusting,If I support such an outrageous request made by the union,The workers in that own company、What to do if the union follows the same pattern?
Don’t do anything at all,Just work for these damn Ai workers。
Even quite a few workers interviewed were rightAMCThe strike organized by the union held an incomprehensible attitude,Show that they can understand the union’s help workers ask for salary increases,But this salary increase is not a good thing,Because of such a big salary increase,The company must lose money,If the business loses money,What are the benefits for workers?
“Bastard!Bastard!All bastards!”
Seeing the media’s public opinion did not condemn as one-sided as I thoughtAMCFernandez·Chen,On the contrary, quite a few voices criticize themselves for killingAMCcar,George·Walker’s three corpse gods jump:“I’mAMCChairman of the auto workers union,I am seeking legitimate interests for my members,Look at these damn media,What are they talking about?!It’s just nonsense!”
Looking at George with a grim face·Walker,The people in a room can’t help being silent。
In fact, not only George·Walker can’t understand why this is happening,These trade unions are used to making trouble、The heads and brains whose public opinion is on their own side can’t understand why the public opinion of the whole society is starting to be against them.,Yes,Yes,Our condition may be a little bit past,But we are a union,We represent the working class、Poor people,How can you not help us?We are poor, we are reasonable。
The union is like a child spoiled from childhood,This time,After he made such a big mistake, he thought that the whole society would tolerate himself as before、Get used to,I didn’t expect that although I didn’t wait for a slap,No good results,They are wronged。
“but……Boss,What shall we do now?”Someone asked tremblingly。
money,Everyone took it,It’s a pleasure to take the money,But it also means that everyone has become a grasshopper on the same rope,The limelight seems to be bad for me right now,The guys who have relied on the name of the union to dominate over the years can’t help but panic。
“What are you afraid of,”George·Walker snorted:“No matter how,As long as we bite to death, we are speaking for the workers,Who can do us?What about scolding,Can scolding make you lose a piece of meat?No good,Worst result,It’s nothing more than this strike without any results,Let’s end the strike、The workers just go back to work,What can we lose??Still be an uncle。”
Yes indeed!
Or the boss wise!