Facts proved,Facing this wealth that can be obtained as long as you work hard,A person’s IQ can definitely be rapidly improved in a short time,Like in front of you,Faced with such a generous tip,Ryan turned his mind quickly,then……

“Dear sir,”Ryan’s expression was sincere and even made Chen Geng wonder if the guy in front of him was disguised by his old friend for many years.:“First of all,Your request,Not to mention in the Stanford Industrial Park,Even on the entire west coast,I am afraid that no real estate agency can satisfy。
I just say two things and you know how difficult it is:A company with hundreds of people working at the same time,Ok,Computer company,We don’t talk about electricity、Water supply、Heating these,Just talk about parking,A company with hundreds of people has hundreds of cars,This requires a large parking lot;The second is community residents’ concerns about safety,by law,A family employs more than20People’s company wants to open the company in residential communities,Must obtain the community committee60%Consent of residents,You want,If your company has hundreds of people,Considering business dealings,There may be a large number of outsiders every day,From a security point of view,This is a big unstable factor for the safety of the community……”
Without waiting for Ryan to finish,Chen Geng knew why he couldn’t find a suitable residential area。
In the U.S,It is not a big problem to register a civil house as a company address,In most states of the United States,As long as your company is not production-oriented、Companies with greater production noise and pollution,Can register civilian residences as the company’s location,This is why there are so many garage companies in the U.S.,Even if one address is registered as the location of multiple companies, there is no problem,Such as in Cheyenne, Wyoming,One on Thomas Avenue1270No. 1 has an area of about118Square meter house,registered2000Multiple companies。
You ask how such an ordinary house with one storey and one loft can register so many companies?Ok,The house is full of mailboxes from the floor to the roof,The company is posted on every mailbox“suite”Number……A mailbox is a room,For example, the registered address of a company is Thomas Avenue, Cheyenne, Wyoming1270number5floor513room,But actually not“5floor513room”,Only the fifth row from bottom to top13Mailboxes。
In San Francisco, especially Silicon Valley,The local government even encourages young people in the computer industry to do so。
However, there is a problem with residential housing registration as a company address that must be resolved:If the company has a small number of people,That’s not a problem,But if the company has more people,For safety reasons,You must get the consent of the community owners’ committee and the majority of residents,Garrett2000If it reaches the scale of hundreds of people,Don’t talk about parking problems,A single safety issue can be rejected by the owners committee without hesitation,As lan said,A company employing hundreds of people,There are bound to be many people going in and out every day,under these circumstances,How to ensure the safety and interests of community residents are not violated?
Considering that more is worse than less,Whether it’s the community’s owners committee or the community situation,Nine out of ten is one sentence“NO!”Upset……Garrett2000The reason why he has not been ejected from the community,Thanks to the number of people they hired20people。
Understand where the problem is,Things will be easier,Chen Geng nodded:“OK,Lane,Since you didn’t tell meNO,You have other suggestions,right?”
“Yes,I do have a suggestion for you to consider,”I heard this rich boss is willing to listen to his own advice,Ryan was relieved,Said:“I have summarized your requirements for the office location of the new company,The main requirement is a good environment,Greening is better,It can’t make people go to jail like those office buildings,of course,Other hardware,Such as water supply、powered by、Heating、Hardware conditions such as communications must also keep up,right?”
Chen Geng nodded:“Yes。”
“At the beginning,I am going to recommend some luxury homes to you,With swimming pool、There is a basketball court、There are several bathrooms、The rooms for shoes are bigger than the apartment,But after careful consideration,I think this kind of mansion is good,But not particularly suitable for your needs……At least this kind of mansion may not be able to stop hundreds of cars,It can’t meet your requirements for further expansion of the company in the future。”
Sure enough, money has an obvious effect on improving intelligence,Chen Geng is more and more satisfied with Ryan’s performance,It’s not that no real estate agency has introduced such a large mansion to myself before.,But after reconsidering,Chen Geng still didn’t choose to do this,The reason,One is because the rent is too expensive,on the other hand,That’s what Ryan said,Limited space,Unable to meet the company’s subsequent expansion requirements,Otherwise, Chen Geng really doesn’t mind buying a mansion。
“Are you interested in a nursing home by the sea??”
“Nursing home?”Chen Geng frowned。
“Not a nursing home,It is a high-end recuperation center for the wealthy,The kind designed to serve wealthy people like you,Live in,At least tens of thousands of dollars in monthly expenses,And most gays can only receive50Customers with medical needs,There are indoor and outdoor basketball courts、Large indoor heated swimming pool and outdoor swimming pool、SPAcenter、Massage center、Spa、restaurant……There is even a dedicated helipad,In short,Any way you can think of rich people to enjoy,Can be found here,”Ryan’s tone sounds very, very envious:“of course,If you need,Can be transformed into a company。”
A seaside、A high-end recuperation center dedicated to the wealthy?