This time the eight knives are all true energy,The sword qi collided with the opponent’s fist,A string of muffled sounds like dry thunder,All the eight punches hit by the boss were broken,Eight people all fell to the ground。

“These eight people fell to the ground but still hooked on each other,Connected by meridians,The formation is not chaotic,I finished hacking but my qi was mostly empty。What’s more, there are snipers on the other side who are always ready to shame me。”
“Can’t consume them anymore,The best policy!”
Now jump up,Jump down towards the Huangpu River,Shouted:“I won’t play with you anymore……”
His talent falls into the water,About to escape,Suddenly there are big nets everywhere in the water,It directly put him on the net like a fish。
You can see clearly when you get out of the water,The four airships on the river are the corners of the fishing nets。
“Special,They actually prepared traps for me by sea, land and air!”
Chen Xiu tried to break the fishing net,Tugged for a while, but it didn’t move。
“by,I’m so mad to bless at least ten thousand catties of strength,Can’t tear this damn fishing net,What exactly is this doing!”
Chen Xiu was shocked,A violent breaking wind sounded behind him,He can’t turn around in the net at this moment,Even more unavoidable,Meditation:“Ruined!”
A pain in the back and shoulders,Chen Xiu caught backhand,It’s actually a silver needle,There is a pungent smell on the needle。
“On the needle……poisonous……”
Chen Xiu only feels his head is dizzy,The eyelids are as heavy as a huge boulder。
“I……I can’t sleep……Can’t……”
Chen Xiu warned himself,It’s just a burst of sleepiness,Makes him even more irresistible,I finally fell asleep with my head tilted。