“The soul orb of Lei Kun Canglong,It can definitely make Black Fang enter the dragon general level,Even reached the top and even the top in a short time。”

A major dragon ball,Not only can black teeth evolve to the full stage,Digestion over time,More likely to be invincible at the Dragon General!
Then it will strengthen its silver dragon armor,It may not be impossible to fight against the dragon master!
Xiao Qingzhuo is also a gift,After reaching maturity,The strength should also be close to Bingchen Bailong,After all, it is also a holy dragon baby who has the strength of the dragon general during the growth period.!
The four stages of young spirits and dragons。
Infancy、Growth period、Maturity、Complete period。
Advance every time,It’s a huge improvement to both young spirits and dragons,It is still based on the original foundation of its own strength.。
So the juvenile period、Shows amazing strength during the growth period,The increase behind it will be even greater。
In addition,The young spirit crosses the dragon gate。
It’s not that it’s the lowest threshold of the dragon child level。
But as some kind of dragon。
For example, some ice spirits,It has a certain probability of becoming an ice dragon……
But they still have a certain possibility to become Bingchen White Dragon!
Ice Dragon and Bingchen White Dragon,Several levels different。
The wild ice dragon has reached completion,Also child,Up to the top dragon。
The complete period of wild Bingchen Bailong,But it can touch the threshold of the monarch level。