4 Naturalization of the first national footprint Australian Li Tie has a problem with the brain

  Since the last round of Australia hosted with Saudi Arabia, Japan also took a ball in Vietnam, causing the kangaroo army not only defined the integral gap between Saudi Arabia, the group of B, but also 1 point Japan chase. The Chinese team went to the round of Oman, and if the game is lost, the hope of theory will also become extremely embarrassing. In seeing the performance of the players, as well as the parties called for the use of the naturalized player, Li Tie finally became the historic first of the four originating players who came out of the team in this life and death battle against Australia. All of the times were discharged from the first list, the team formation was in addition to Zhang Yunning in the center of Axon, and the rest position was exactly the first exemplary of the upper-wheel level.

  First lineup: 1-Yan Junling; 3-Wang Hao Chao, 6-Jiang Guangtu (45th-day 20-Wang Gang), 14-Zhu Chenjie, 5-Zhang Linyi; 15-Wu Wei, 13-Xu Xin; 7-Wu Lei (93rd minute) 18-Zhang Yunning), 11-Alan (the 80th minute 17- Wu Xinghan), 21-Luo Guofu (the 80th minute 16-Barton); 9-Axson. Goal time: 38th minute, the Australian front field is sent out of the world, and Hursti wonderfully passed to Boyer, the latter quickly plugged in in the bottom of the bottom, Duke is close to the door in front of the door Squake the door, fly into the NEO, the Australian team is 1-0 leading the Chinese team.

  In the 68th minute, after the scene forms a dead ball, the video referee group involved in inform the main referee, just when the Chinese team opened to the penalty area, James Jeno Handball is penalized.

The main referee personally watched the video and sentenced to the penalty, Wu Lei’s main circulation, the Chinese team slammed the score to 1-1. Australia’s injury is the injury in the main Zhongwei Suata, which leads to the team’s offensive and defensive tactics to make changes. The other party not only has become the main idea of ??the medium-front field. In terms of defensive, the strongest hollow point is the strongest hollow point, and Wu Lei is in progress, with the lack of Sudata, there is a very straightforward relationship. It is possible to prove that Li Tie has indeed unreasonable in proven that Li Tie has indeed unreasonable. Although Yan Junling is elected for the best players in this game, the rating given from the officially given the highest score of the team, which is undoubtedly one of the biggest heroes who have harvested a point in the national football.

Compared to the last round of Xu Xin’s corner, this game Xu Xin fled full, not only sent a threat to the threat in the offensive end, but also made the opponent very It is difficult to find a chance to get angry in the face of the big arc.