Chengdu Qingbaijiang: European Industry City relying on 22 Global League

The atmosphere of the event is relaxed and enthusiastic, and the representative of the company will discuss the topics such as "How to build a smart home appliance industry base" "Rong Ou Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park Wisdom Park Construction" and collide "spark."

According to reports, the European Industrial Town rely on the wisdom of the global strategic partner alliance, deep digging the new kinetic energy of the investment, and has been in just 4 months since the establishment of the alliance, and 22 new projects have been attracted.Successfully introduced more than 10 foreign-funded projects such as Russian Pencha Baige, Germany flame retardant, South Africa Haoyu, formed a comprehensive plan of European industrial city high-quality departmental spatial planning program and the comprehensive operation facility of European industrial city production.Next, the next step will continue to strengthen industrial research, continuously deepen investment cooperation, and strongest to settle more European and all the way to special European enterprises along the country.(Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia).