Watching Wright look miserable,Maui is not kidding either,Said:“Third, you were sent back to the dormitory by the dean three days ago,We don’t know what happened,Ask them and don’t say,Our brothers had to take turns taking care of you every day,Are you going to treat me when you’re done?。”Half said,Maui couldn’t help but smile again。

Wright didn’t care about Maui’s teasing,But a little surprised:“I fainted for three days?!”
Maui nodded,“Correct,You fainted for almost three days,If it wasn’t for the staff sent by the dean and said you were fine,Just overstretched,We all plan to write to your family。”,After speaking, he knocked his head with his hands,Say:“Almost forgot,The dean came here in person yesterday,Want us to tell you,After you are well,Just go to shop 31 on Heishui Street in the Imperial Capital。Said there was a big man who wanted to see you!”
“Heishui Street31Shop?”Wright has some doubts“It’s not the black water street I thought?!”
Maui held back his laugh:“Is the black water street you think!”
Heishui Street,A street in the Imperial Business District,Although the name is very dark,It’s actually a flower street,But the grade is relatively low,Most of them are Orioles and some taverns,And next door to Heishui Street,Baiyun Street,Nice name,But it is the largest gold-selling cave in the empire。
Wright is really confused,Who would let me go?!
A few more days,Wright is getting better,Took time off from school management,I left the college to the Imperial Capital。
Nidal North City,The business district,Heishui Street is quite prosperous in Beicheng District,Although the grade is relatively low,But after all, commercial districts are not as generally rich as aristocratic districts.,Many small businessmen,The middle and lower-level employees of the Chamber of Commerce often come back here for fun because of their shame。
Wright wears a cloak,Crowded in crowds and walking in Heishui Street。Of course wearing a cloak is afraid of people seeing,After all, he’s a student of Puang No. 1 School of Magic,Where is the identity,Wright doesn’t like to deal with people,Dislike social activities,Doesn’t mean you don’t understand anything。Of course the students of the Magic Academy did not say that they cannot go to this place,But go to Heishui Street,Some downgrade,fortunately,Many people who come to Heishui Street actually carry their wives,Or pretending to be a businessman who is very rich but has already made a big loss,With the same mood as Wright,All wearing capes。and so,Heishui Street also has another name for Cloak Street。
“Twenty-ninth,30th,Thirty one!”Wright’s number,I found the first place in Heishui Street31Shop No.,Really hard to find。30th,Is a company called‘Pig Head Tavern’Shop,The mark is a dripping blood pig head cut in half by an axe,It’s a tavern everywhere in Heishui Street,Sell cheap drinks,Of course, the maids who come and go can also perform some kind of‘Paid service’。
Thirty-two is quite a stylish family,Villa houses with small yard,The door closed tightly。
Shop No. 31 is in the middle,There is only a small iron door half open,A wooden sign hung on the small door,It is a picture of a decanter filled with medicine on a small wooden board,Thanks to a roommate who has Maui, a part-time alchemist,Wright knows that this is the logo of the alchemy shop。
There is a dilapidated alchemy shop in Heishui Street—-This looks like a shop selling stimulants。
Several black lines hang down Wright’s head,Hesitated slightly at the door,Knocked on the iron door。
Ding Ding Dong Dong came from inside the door,With the voice of a young girl:“who is it,Door unlocked,come in!”
Walked in,As soon as I walked in, I felt a heat wave on my face,A little girl about eleven or twelve years old is standing in front of a huge cauldron,With a wooden stick(?)Stirring vigorously,From time to time, a few drops of sweat fall into the cauldron。
Wright dripped a few drops of cold sweat,The medicines sold by this alchemy shop will not have quality problems, right?。