Shanghai started 6-11 year-olds new crown pneumonia vaccination to make a booking

Shanghai to start a new vaccine crown pneumonia vaccination 6-11 years of age to make a booking, the experts – children vaccination is safe and effective essential ■ newspaper reporter, chief reporter Gu Yong Shi Jia Ni Shanghai started 6-11 year-olds new crown pneumonia vaccination to make a booking yesterday Work. Yesterday morning, the reporter went to Children’s National Medical Center, Hospital of Fudan University "vaccination clinic assessment" (new crown vaccination counseling clinic), a morning there are more than 10 parents come to the consultation, Zuozhen Shanghai crown a new clinical treatment Panel members, who rose pediatric hospital deputy director of the Department of Infectious Diseases infection were answered on issues of concern to parents. 11-year-old small or hives sudden, my mother took her to see the clinic, so that children can play the vaccine do? After Rose had to explain children about allergies, eczema, hives, asthma and other acute episodes of children, it is recommended to suspend vaccination, waiting through the acute phase stability, you can go to an appointment vaccination.

We have a history of convulsions, high fever history, history of epilepsy in children can be vaccinated? Experts clearly, a history of seizures, in children with a history of epilepsy seizures defer vaccination period, stable period can make an appointment vaccination. Such as history of epilepsy, 2-3 months does not recur, then the child will be able to make an appointment vaccination.

As for children with high fever, heat back to inoculation. Some children suffering from arrhythmia and other heart disease, the vaccine can play it? Zeng Mei said that this mainly depends on what kind of children suffering from heart disease.

If the child during normal activities, hypoxia or cardiac dysfunction does not appear, you can inoculate; if there are psychological discomfort, illness attack, taking medication, it is recommended to suspend vaccination.

Rose has said young people vaccination is necessary to establish herd immunity barrier by vaccination, from a global perspective this strategy are subject to approval. The public health significance of vaccination is very large, the children once the new crown infection, severe rate does not high, but their own health and learning lives are affected, but also may become a source of infection, adverse epidemic control.

Experts stressed that the children vaccinated, belonging to the fairness of the implementation of vaccination, which is to protect others to protect their scientific approach.

Vaccine in large populations prior to vaccination, assessed proven safe. Our use of the inactivated vaccine is very large, children and adolescents clinical research data to prove the vaccine is safe and effective, parents need not worry too much. Zeng Mei said that parents and children should be psychologically prepared before vaccination, vaccination not fasting.

After inoculation normal diet to avoid eating foods induce allergic (avoid coupling reaction), eat high protein foods, temporarily avoid strenuous exercise.

Other flu vaccines and other children, vaccination is recommended for each time interval of 14 days. CDC: CDC vaccination Shanghai Six Questions to six questions we are more concerned answered their questions.

Q: Children had Herpangina, how often needed before they can play the new crown vaccine? A: Herpangina onset proposed to be suspended vaccination, during rehabilitation after vaccination.

Q: The child is allergic, you can play the vaccine? A: If your child previously been vaccinated serious allergic reactions, or in the exacerbation of allergic diseases, proposed to be suspended vaccination. If the child for non-allergy vaccine contained, such as food allergies, pollen allergies, etc., are excluded from the new crown vaccine inoculation taboo, but need to strengthen surveillance, if not recommend immediate medical attention. Q: this wave of the epidemic, many patients have been vaccinated. Why let the kids no longer be bitter? A: Vaccination with the new crown vaccine can get the appropriate immunity, so as to effectively reduce the risk of severe and death; at the same time, children and adolescents can also spread after infection to people around, vaccination new crown vaccine to enhance the level of population immunity, blocking new crown pneumonia pop important.

Q: Parents say schools need to carry vaccinations this, you need to ask? A: The need, because the new crown vaccination vaccine with other vaccines must be spaced at least 14 days, with a good vaccination certificate could help doctors understand the vaccination Vaccination of children before, to determine whether the inoculation.

Q: I have two baby home, health cloud can make an appointment two bar code do? A: A healthy cloud account can be reserved up to three minors.

If the number is exceeded, the account can be replaced to make an appointment, or contact health cloud service: 400-9216-519. Q: children with asthma in the end can not play the new crown vaccine? A: When asthma is stable, does not belong to the new crown contraindicated vaccination vaccine can be vaccinated.

As in the acute stage, it proposed to be suspended vaccination. (Source: Liberation Daily) (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Share more people to see.