Women’s waist care should not be ignored

Women’s waist care should not be ignored

The middle waist of a woman is both a landscape and a health sensitive area.

If you neglect it, it can easily get hurt.

When you are overtired, when you are sitting for a long time, when you are wearing low-waist pants, when you are confinement . Whether you consider the waist, you are also taking on it with us.

Health is a lifetime issue, as is the maintenance of the waist.

  Where does low back pain come from? Women’s physical and physiological characteristics, so there are more opportunities for back pain than men.

The pain of low back pain is also different, which also represents different situations.

  Kidney-yang deficiency low back pain is the most common low back pain of kidney deficiency, and it is the most common low back pain among women.

Its pain is painful, painful and weak for the whole waist.

Exhausted or worsened afterwards.

  In Chinese medicine theory, the waist is the kidney, the main reproduction and female menstruation.

The most common are low back pain caused by kidney yang deficiency, cold back pain, and weakness in the waist and knees.

Women lose too much blood each month, and at the same time shoulder pregnancy and childbirth, their kidney qi will be damaged.

Women who have had children and have repeated abortions are more likely to develop such low back pain.

  Cold and damp low back pain is mainly caused by the cold and cold of the waist. The pain is local (upper waist) pain, which is manifested as cold pain and worsening in rainy and rainy days.

  Blood stasis low back pain, local congestion caused by strain or sprained lumbar muscles, and poor blood flow are also common. This type of low back pain is also common, and the pain is manifested as local tingling and acupuncture pain.

  In this case, we must first rule out organic diseases, such as lumbar disc herniation, kidney stones, nephritis, especially computer families.

The duration of low back pain caused by organic diseases will be longer, and early stage is not distinguished from blood stasis back pain, and it should be checked.

  Back pain caused by worms such as pelvic cavity. This kind of back pain is completely different from that of men. It is a more common low back pain in women of childbearing age.

Low back pain caused by pelvic inflammatory disease and cervicitis is more common clinically.

The pain is soreness and pain at the bottom of the waist, accompanied by lower abdominal pain, and increased leucorrhea.

  Keep your waist up at 1.

Exercise your waist muscles.

Back walking, yoga, jogging, etc. can exercise the waist muscles. At the same time, you can often twist your waist and do swallow flying in bed before going to bed.

For sedentary office workers, they can do chest expansion exercises (at this time, their elbows should be flat) at intervals every day, and lean back and pull upwards.


Keep warm in all seasons.

Kidney can be damaged during menstruation and childbirth. Therefore, women should always keep warm at the waist.

For example, during confinement, wear long clothes to protect the waist to prevent back pain in confinement.


Regulate kidney yin.

If you have too much menstrual flow, often have cold back pain, and cold sexual desire, you should take care of your kidneys in time. Women should nourish kidney yin and strengthen their resistance.

Can eat more kidney foods, such as wolfberry, yam, longan, walnut.

I also often take some proprietary Chinese medicines: Liuwei Dihuang Wan.

If the yin deficiency and fire is strong, you can take Zhibai Dihuang Pills, and the kidney yang deficiency and waist pain can eat Jinkuai Shenqi pills.


Sexual intercourse, be confident.

Many people have induced abortion, which can easily cause kidney injury and inflammation.

  5. The thickness of the mattress is moderate.
There is a physiological curvature in the waist. The mattress can be appropriately enlarged, and moderate hardness can be enough to allow the lumbar muscles to fully rest.


Don’t make the heel too high.

Do not wear shoes that are too high, it is easy to increase the fatigue of the waist and prolong it for a long time.

At the same time, try to avoid wearing low-rise pants during the physiological and lactation periods.

  Gynecologist’s waist-protecting formula: The most commonly used method of waist protection for doctor Liu Chengzang, a female gynecologist, is to rub hands with fever, put them on the waist, and promote blood circulation.

In addition, often pull the parallel bars and go backwards.