In the future,Will consider them as the first object of consideration!

Snapshot the backstage is busy!
The meal is over,Tian’er is already talking!
Our group left the dog meat restaurant,Came to the only karaoke hall in town to sing!
Just came to the karaoke hall,Not too long。
Someone broke into our box。
“You are Ge Jianhui?”
Talking is a young man,Looks a bit weird。
He is not alone,There were six or seven big men behind him!
“What happened to me?”
I asked the students to sit down quietly,Stand up and walk to the door,Staring at young man。
“You guys break in,What do you mean?”
The bodyguards around me are in their pre-battle state。
As long as I get attacked or cough,They will immediately launch a thunder blow!
I didn’t let the third brother follow,But the bodyguard by my side is absolutely powerful!
And not afraid of death!