“Also good!See you tomorrow!”Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled。

Hear his answer,The men around suddenly breathed a sigh of relief,The perfect impression of the goddess was preserved,They don’t want to see a boy enter the goddess’ boudoir!That’s really cruel!
“Ok!See you tomorrow!”Kim So Yeon blinked,There was a light flashing in Lu Menglin’s eyes。
Talk about it,Kim So Yeon turned around,Under the eyes of countless lights,Stepped up the stairs。
“Wait a minute,Teacher Jin!Wait a minute。”At this moment,A call came from behind the two。
This sound was not made by Lu Menglin,But someone else。
The gazes of everyone around looked at the person who called Master Jin。
What appeared in front of everyone was a short and fat middle-aged man,He is wearing a black European suit that doesn’t fit well,Sleeves are obviously longer,The cuffs almost cover the back of the hand,Greasy Mediterranean hairstyle,I can’t bear to look at it a second time。
At least in terms of appearance and age,This middle-aged uncle certainly does not have the competitiveness to compete with Teacher Jin。
Kim So Yeon turned around,Smiled politely at the visitor。
She knows this man,The other party is Mr. Huang, the head of the department who recruited him。
“Teacher Jin,Tell you a good news!”Director Huang strode forward like no one,Grinned。
Everyone can see,Director Huang thinks highly of himself,He didn’t even see Lu Menglin on the side,Basically maintained an ignorant attitude。
“Is there a problem?”Kim So Yeon said lightly。
text Chapter Three Hundred and Two Stagnant
Director Huang with his head held high,Try to put on your most handsome look in front of beautiful women。
“Is such that!Teacher Jin,After my strong recommendation,And the discussion and research of the school leadership,Decided to assign you a set of professor building units。After all, you are a talent from abroad!Schools should give more policy,Create an environment that attracts high-end talents!”Director Huang said in an official tone。
Kim So Yeon continued to maintain a peaceful smile,Nodded very calmly。