This remark,Zhu Qiuhong and Zhou Min both had a stronger curiosity at the same time。

Because both of them are beauties,And it’s a well-known beauty,This little guy surnamed Lu turned a blind eye,But thinking of other women in my heart,Obsessed with a girl。
This makes them both
A little frustration,I also want to know what kind of girl it is,Can make Xiao Lu think so,Worry about。
Zhou Min took the photo,Take a closer look,Can’t help but utter a voice in surprise:“what?It’s her!No wonder!”
Zhu Qiuhong also saw the smiling girl in the photo,It is indeed a pure and moving type,The more you look, the more charming。
but,Zhu Qiuhong also secretly compared herself with the girl in the photo。
If it’s just photos,I should have been more beautiful than her,But real people will be more charming than photos,That’s really hard to say。
Zhu Qiuhong wakes up in shock,It turns out that the girl in this photo is a stunning beauty who is absolutely comparable to herself,No wonder Xiao Lu was so fascinated,I have to find out the whereabouts of people!
The girl on the photo,It was Su Xuehen before graduation last year。
“Sister Zhou Min,You know her?”I heard Zhou Min’s tone is different,Lu Menglin suddenly became nervous,Asked quickly。
Both Zhu Qiuhong and Zhou Min heard the nervous tone of this young man,I am more convinced of his reason for finding someone。
Zhou Min nodded,Smiles like a sly little fox。
“No wonder your heart is high,So I fell in love with this one!She is very famous in our school!”
Zhu Qiuhong shook his head:“Is it famous?Why don’t i know?”
Zhou Min smiled:“Who called you a big star?You never deal with classmates in school,Left after class,Of course I don’t know the gossip in school。”
“This girl enrolled in school last year,Very low-key,No one knew her at first。But she studies well,I got the first place in the school several times in a row。Hey,Are your inland schools particularly strict?The students who are taught are so good!”Zhou Min deliberately sold it,Smiled。