“Peak Shen!”

Zhu Minglang spit out these two words。
Flick down,I wish Minglang’s whole body leaned forward,The moment that the sword was thrown down,The clouds in the sky behind him are flying down,Turned into a white waterfall,Surging up the earth magnificently,It can be seen how terrifying the power of this sword!!!
One sword changes the situation,It’s probably the situation right now。
Above the sky,A shocking peak suddenly fell,This peak shadow is like the same heaven sword that fell from the heaven,The sword shadow is enough to cover the organ city,Really vast and magnificent,This has left hundreds of thousands of people in the imperial capital,All the powerful people on the tower were caught in a panic!!
fortunately,Shadow Sword Peak did not fall on anyone in the Institution City this day,But towards the Tomb Hill of the Ninth Army,Towards the place where Zhao Chen and his ghost dragon were.……
Zhao Chen rides on the back of the ghost dragon,He realized the power of this sword,Fled outside the Tomb Hill of the Ninth Army for the first time,Fled to other parts of the agency city。
But as soon as he looked up,Above the vast sky,Still hanging a handle pointing at him,No matter how fast the ghost dragon is,No matter where he flees!
Sky Shadow Sword Peak is getting closer,You can see such a vast sword shadow in the entire agency city,And when Zhao Chen looked back at the sky for the last time,What you see is the entire sky is occupied by this sword,I am like an ant under a meteorite,Even if I see this heavenly thing sinking to the earth,Helpless!!
The whole city trembled in the organ city,The clouds in the sky fall more gorgeously,The shadow of the sword is like a mountain,Shockingly inserted into the organ city,The swaying earth wave has formed a kind of annihilation,Completely destroy the topography of the agency city,Will hill、houses、river、Forest、All the grass fields are dragged into this endless sword pit!!
Hundreds of thousands,transfixed。
All disciples in the organ city,Trembling。
Even the elder hall masters of the major forces on the tower,There was a violent wave in my heart。
This sword,Even most of them can’t do it!
A disciple of this age,But let this competition of forces evolve into his own myth!!
This powerful,Really scary。
Zhao Chen and his ghost dragon,Will never survive。
Many royal families are also on the tower,They witnessed Zhao Chen’s death under the sword of Zhu Minglang。