Taboos of interpersonal communication in the workplace

Taboos of interpersonal communication in the workplace

First, avoid rude behavior.

Some people think that the simple and rude nature of working people is the nature of the working people, and the elegant and graceful manners are the “goodness” of the asset class.

This sense of small-scale farmers who despise modern civilization is very harmful.

  Second, avoid temper tantrums.

Mood and sorrow, and human sentiment.

However, if you are in a bad mood, you should “digest” it yourself, but you must not “attack” on others, otherwise it is very uncivilized.

No matter how bad your mood is, don’t lose your reason, but restrain your bad emotions properly and restrain your anger in thought.

A bad temper and a casual temper will not only hurt your temper, but will also make you “respect yourself”.

  Third, avoid flying short and long.

Colleagues and friends can’t be overstated in speaking a few heartfelt words, but they have disappeared irresponsibly spreading rumors everywhere and playing tricks.

In particular, it should be noted that you must not take pleasure in the misfortunes of others, even look at the situation, add jealousy, and use their privacy and suffering as your own negotiation information.

  Fourth, avoid talking too much.

Get along with others, don’t overdo it, especially don’t make fun and jokes with others casually in public and at work, and make fun of it.

  In short, to be welcomed in interpersonal communication, you must abide by the “Three Principles”.

The meaning of this principle is that people are required to accept others in an interpersonal relationship, to replace others, and to be aware of others.

It is called “Three A Principles” because in English, accept, replace, realize that the first letter of these three words is A.

American scholar Bujilin believes that the “three A” is like the basic food to satisfy people’s self-esteem, and cannot be replaced by other things in interpersonal communication.

His words are worth remembering by every employee of the company, if everyone does not want to be hated.