this phenomenon,Make him hesitate about the future,I’m afraid I will end up like that。

If you can make some achievements in antiques,That’s different。This line,Profiteering is one aspect,Freedom is his pursuit。
Like just now,If I buy a few paintings myself,It’s equivalent to my classmates working hard for a year or two。
therefore,He is particularly thirsty for the knowledge of antique appreciation。Every live broadcast of Brother Hu,He has watched,In-depth study of some of Hu’s analysis。
Other guys in the dorm,I don’t understand what he did,Feel he is crazy,Not considering the actual situation at all。Want to get rich overnight with antiques,It’s just a daydream。
just,Persuaded several times,This guy is still going its own way,They die。Ignore this guy。
Wen Wenhao took everyone away,Side introduction,Buildings here,A considerable part,Actually rebuilt,Not passed down。
“right now,How many authentic old buildings are there?Not surprising!”Huazi is not surprised。
Even many so-called ancient towns、Old street,Those buildings,Many are antique buildings。A building is kept intact,Not surprising,But a street is full of ancient buildings,That makes people question。
“indeed,Such an ancient building area,Not much in China。There is an old book stand over there,Let’s go and see。”Wen Wenhao takes the lead。
Old book stand is a bit big,A full ten or twenty meters,All old books、Ancient calligraphy and painting etc.,There are also many customers。
among them,Quite a large part are books from decades ago,Many are after liberation。Less before the Republic of China,Everyone can see,There are many little books that Brother Hu introduced before,Densely laid out several rows。
“I picked it up here last time。”Shen Tuxin smiled。
Finished,He just squatted down,Start looking for old books I like。To those printed matter,He is dismissive,Although some prints are also valuable,But still very few。
“Hey!friend,You have to memorize this book!”One of the stall owners said。
Yes!This stall is not a stall owner,Three or four people watching,Look at them,Probably brother,The whole family is counting on this book stand to eat?
And read that little book,Is a military uniform,Middle-aged man in Jiefang shoes。This military uniform,He bought it when his son was in college,I heard my son tell me to throw it away,He took it back and put it on himself,Throw away the wasteful,Spent money!
have to say,Chinese military training,Really a formal thing。
Training for a few days,What can you do?How many young people’s physical fitness to improve?no?Cultivate patriotism?Have it?But because of military training,Buy military uniforms, etc.,Just wear it for a few days,Cause great waste。