And it just so happens that the nanny of the boss’s neighbor is one of her cousins。After her cousin knew that he had Lin Feng’s call,,Urged her to text Lin Feng to explore her breath,See if Lin Summit won’t find her。

This aunt seems to be particularly fancy material。”Yiming said on the phone,Xiao Fan already knew what was going on,It must be the babysitter of the Zhao family who started to instigate Liu Chunlan。
Just then I sent a text message,Of course Liu Chunlan will have a lot of trouble,This way of destroying the relationship between husband and wife is really unique,Xiao Fan thought coldly in his heart,It seems it’s time to make her unemployed。
And that little assistant doesn’t want to work hard,But thinking about these improper means,One step to the sky,Not a good person,Can be solved directly,Staying in the Lin Group is also a disaster。
Xiao Fan told Yiming that he knew it,Let him do his own thing,Then I returned to my seat,Lin Yuna asked him what happened,Is that clear?,Xiao Fan said:“Yes,Checked it out。
Not a big shot,Just some mixed villains,I will solve it,Do not worry。”Gu Jinjin looked at Xiao Fan and didn’t ask much,Because I think it’s Lin Yuna’s housework that is inconvenient to interfere,Asked but embarrassed。
Actually, Lin Yoona doesn’t want to say,I just feel like my parents are so old,It’s really hard to tell,Several people have happily brought this topic,No one mentioned it anymore。
Then Xiao Fan said:“Then let’s set off to the villa,Won’t be back tonight,Living directly in the villa will let you feel the folk customs。”
Gu Jinjin smiled and said okay, I really want to experience it。Xiao Fan didn’t tell Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan the truth immediately,This kind of thing is not clear on the phone,It’s easier to misunderstand,It’s better to make it clear in person。
Besides, it’s not a big deal,Let them calm down,Xiao Fan thought so,And Lin Yoona didn’t say anything,Xiao Fan thinks Lin Yoona may not be too anxious,So just put this matter aside for now,Let’s take them to play。
Here Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan are still not talking at home,But it’s no longer noisy,Two people bowed their heads but looked up and saw a cold face,In fact, calm down and think about Liu Chunlan that she is too impulsive。
Then she found out that if it wasn’t the babysitter of Zhao’s a few days ago,Two days ago, I chatted with her and told her about some rich men cheating on these things. He might not be so emotional.。
And here Lin Feng also reflected on whether he has ignored Liu Chunlan’s feelings for so many years,Always let her take care of the big and small things at home,Didn’t take care of Jin’s emotions,The two want to open up and think this is not a big deal at all。
And let Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona come back to solve it,Really let the children read the joke,But two people now need to go down one step,So neither of them knows what to do,Looks a little embarrassing。
Ma Li looked anxious。Ma Li wondered if there was an overnight hatred between the husband and wife,Bedside fight,And the relationship between wife and husband has been very stable and very good over the years。
Ma Li doesn’t believe her husband will do such a thing,The wife must have misunderstood,Although my wife’s emotions are a bit overwhelming this time,But Ma Li understands,It’s not easy for him to silently manage everything in the house for so many years。
Especially in the past three years,Lin Yoona is not accompanied by Xiao Fan,Mood is always good and bad,Liu Chunlan sees it hurts in her heart,I have always felt that I did not do a good job as a mother,But this matter has nothing to do with Liu Chunlan。
It’s Lin Yoona who is trapped by love,Fortunately, Xiao Fan is back now,Lin Yoona is getting better too,Liu Chunlan finally had a smile on her face,But these days because of this incident I start to frown again。